The band has received strong praise for their tasteful use of odd time signatures, dynamics, unusual arrangements, and eclectic mixing of styles in their songwriting.  " Chest Rockwell is very optimistic about the future and have sworn themselves to making meaningful music regardless of not having record label support.  This is about creating something intelligent, yet accessible and reaching out to as many people as possible."

The band was nominated for Prog Award in Italy in 2010. Their music has been described as a mix of alt-prog, prog-metal, and post-rock. According to the band "It's every bit as pretentious as it sounds."


  • Josh Hines - guitar (2004 - present) [Technology vs Horse, Chest Rockwell, Lust For Diva, Commander, The Multi-dimensional Scheme, Pimpslap, The Mexican Hat Dance, Ninjavitis, Deepthroat, Port-a-pot Gang, Pen15, The Boogie Night Express, Mullethead & knobslob, Tubesteak, Running in Circles, The Italyon Stallyonz, Plague HDC, The Post-War Dream]
  • Nick Rouse - drums, percussion (2004 - present)
  • Nick Stewart - bass, keyboard (2004 - present) [Abrade]
  • Seth Wilson - guitar, pedal board (2005 - present) [Abrade]
  • David Cole - keyboard, guitar


  • Jon Craig - studio
  • Matt Simone - artists often used for cover art


  • Laugh and the World Laughs with You (2011)
  • Total Victory (2008) - Josh Hines [(vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric sitar, electronic piano, keyboard), Nick Rouse (drums, percussion, piano), Nick Stewart (bass, keyboard, baritone guitar), Seth Wilson (electric guitar), Jon Craig/ Java Jive Studios (Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered), Matt Simone (art), Stephanie Hines (photos)  Austin Albany (design).]
  • Flavor (2007) sampler CD - Josh Hines [(vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric sitar), Nick Rouse (drums, percussion), Nick Stewart (bass, keyboard), Seth Wilson (electric guitar).  Additional electric guitar on track 6 by Chris Hightower (Carlos), Jon Craig/Java Jive Studios, Rory Willis & Patrick Delaney/RCW Recordings, Chris Hightower/Negative Earth Studios, Smitty Hines (photoshop Hubble photos)]
  • Chest Rockwell Vs. The World (2006) - Josh Hines (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass on track 6, keyboard, percussion on track 8), Nick Rouse (drums, percussion, keyboard, backing vocals on track 5), Nick Stewart (bass, keyboard, percussion on track 8), Seth Wilson (electric guitar, keyboard, percussion on track 8, backing vocals on track 5), Jon Craig/The Lair (produced, mixed, mastered, recorded), Matt Simone (art)
  • Back to Square One (2005) - Josh Hines (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, drums on track 10) Nick Rouse (drums) Nick Stewart (bass, keyboard) Additional electric guitar on tracks 1-3 by Chris Hightower (Carlos) and additional vocals on track 5 by David Cole (DC), Chris Hightower/Negative Earth Studios (mixed, mastered), John Craig (mastered), Matt Simone (art, design)

    • Included on compilations:
      • Songs from America's Bellybutton (2008)
      • Nashville Rock volume 1 (2006)
      • Tracks from the Trunk (2005)

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