Formed in 2008 in Franklin KY, Gorgy takes its name from the words "gore" and "orgy". According to their Reverbnation bio, "Gorgy is an orgy of gore witnessed by the masses. Evoking the dark thoughts that linger deep in the mind, creating horrific images... that leaves the listener craving for more."

In 2010 they released a demo, followed in 2011 by their debut album Birth of Damnation. The group played a number of festival in support of the album including: Foothills Gutfest, Central Illinois Metal Fest, GoatlardFest, Mayhem in May Fest and Louisville Death Fest.

2012 saw the release of the EP Devoured and their first European tour which included five countries. In 2013 drummer Clint Classcock retired to be replaced by Scott Briggs (Aeons of Eclipse).

In 2015 Gorgy began work on a new album Sexually Transmitted Disfigurement, using a GoFundMe campaign to fund the effort. Like their previous album, Scott Briggs is slated to record the tracks at his Velocity Studio. Though no longer officially Gorgy's drummer, Briggs also serves as session musician for the project.


  • Kelly “Taker” McCoy - guitarist [2008 - present]
  • Chris Haynes - bassist [2008 - present]
  • Jeremy Miller - guitarist/vocalist [2008 - present]
  • Bobby Snook - vocalist [2008 - present]

Previous Members:

  • Scott Briggs - drums [2013 - ] (Aeons of Eclipse)
  • Clint Glasscock - drummer [2008 - 2013]


  • Orgy of Gore - (2015) Kelly McCoy-Guitars; Bobby Snook-Vocals; Scott Briggs-Drums; Chris Haynes-Bass; Jeremy Miller-Guitars/Additional Vocals; Produced by Gorgy; All music and lyrics by Gorgy; Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Scott Briggs @ Velocity Studios; Front Cover/CD Artwork by Ranarchy; Additional Artwork by Nev and Mark Cooper; Photography by Shannon Keith and Nick Loria; Cd Layout by Bobby Snook; Tracks: 1.Necrotizing Mastitis 03:17, 2.The Processor 02:19, 3.Christ Fucking Sodomy 02:16, 4.Orgy of Gore 03:22. 5.Visceral Carnage of the Chainsaw Vasectomy 03:45, 6.From Womb to Tomb 04:06, 7. N9 02:18, 8. Pick Axe Episiotomy 02:04, 9. Selling God 03:14, 10. For Vaginal Use Only 04:02
  • Devoured  (EP | 2012)
  • Birth of Damnation  (2011) HPGD Productions
  • The Battered Demo (Demo | 2010)

Affiliations: Negative Earth Records (label), Scott Briggs, former Gorgy drummer, owner Velocity Studios, Cave City.

Influences: Cannibal Corpse, Immolation Obituary, Carcass


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