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Have your information added to the Musicians Index in our Artist Directory by completing the information below and submitting the form. Afterward submit your bands from the past and present in the band directory. Encourage other musicians to do the same. DJ's, Dancers etc should use the the performing artists section to be included. Songwriters are included in writers. This form may also be used for submitting changes or additions to existing entries.


Only provide contact information that you wish to be published

List the genre that best fits this group.
will not be published unless also entered under contact info
list one or more So.central KY county that a member is from, living in or playing regularly & explain connection
List the date the band started.
If this band is broken up list the date they did. Also note if they do occasional reunions.
include all info you want published
List all members currently active in the band as well as the instruments they play.
List other members who were previously in this band along with the instrument they played and the years they participated.
include whether you play covers or originals
List bands or organizations to which are related to this band. Include the years involved next to each
Type of release with release year and personnel included.
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