Thomas Theodore Welborn (1971)

[Musician]: My Musical History: Of all the mysteries of life there is none closer to my heart or more powerful in its effect upon mankind in general than music. The first song I remember listening to on the little transistor radio mother gave me was Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. I remember one of our “babysitters” teaching us how to do the “twist”. I remember standing in front of our elementary school when I first heard about “long-haired boys” from England called “The Beatles”. I remember lying in bed and nearly going into a trace as I held the little transistor radio next to my ear when first listening to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. Those booming drums made my whole body vibrate to the beat, and Plant’s primal vocals were like a new religion being born. Same when I first heard “Inagodadavida” by Iron Butterfly. Or the live, album-side-long version of Steppenwolf's “The Pusher”. Even more so when I first heard Progressive Rock from Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and The Moody Blues. At ten or eleven years old I wanted a drum set and got first a snare drum for Christmas; then the following year I got a ‘Torodor’ shell set and soon began playing in my first band (which never had a name) at age 14. I had met a kid named Bobby Baldwin who had a Gibson hollow-body electric guitar and soon we were playing ‘Proud Mary’ by Credence Clearwater Revival and ‘House of the Rising Sun’ (by the Animals). Within a year (1971) we got Tommy McMinnimee to play bass guitar and were performing ‘Soul Sacrifice’ and ‘Evil Ways’ (both by Santana), on television at the local television station during a telethon (at 3:00 a.m.) and at our High School in the auditorium for some now unknown reason. After High School and into and beyond our college years Baldwin and I played in several bands together and remained the best of friends until careers and families separated us over the decades. During the mid-1970’s Baldwin wrote a number of songs which were of the ‘progressive-rock’ genre that I still feel great pride in having been part of the creation thereof. In a band we called WindenSilver from 1979 to 1980 we performed those ‘works’ for various venues locally and received ‘good reviews’ from the audiences. Two pieces particularly were quite extraordinary: ‘For the Fallen’, and ‘As One’, written by Baldwin in 1976 at the age of twenty-one. It was a privilege to be part of that time and I have always said that, “creating music gives you a feeling you cannot get any other way”. After being in several other bands in the early 1980’s I retired from performing while my first daughter was young 1984). Beginning in the winter of ’89-’90 my brother Michael (Mike) and I began ‘jamming’ regularly on weekends with an assortment of friends including my old friend Bobby (on occasions). Mike had played a acoustic guitar as a teen, but had not further pursued music till this time, when he soon became quite an accomplished musician. We began collaborating as songwriters and within a couple of years we had written over two-dozen songs together, and formed a band with our friends Rick and Jesse Smith, Bobby Baldwin( guest lead guitarist), and later with Tom Grider on Bass. I had been slowly acquiring equipment for a home recording studio where we had planned to record our songs; unfortunately our professional career demands intervened. Now we no longer get together musically, but I still have my studio and have recorded and produced Albums (CDs) for myself and various local artists, which still gives me that "feeling you cannot get any other way"!

[Writer]: I began writing poetry in 1970 at age 14. I began writing essays in the late 1970s. Now 63 years old and almost fifty years later I have complied the best of both literary forms I wrote over the decades into a book I have self-published on Amazon : An Unusual Life (2019), which also includes my memoir. I also have self-produced and self-released six albums and a single of my musical compositions since 2007, available on most online music sites such as Spotify. Amazon, iTunes, etc. Search for Thomas Theodore Welborn to find my music online.

County Affiliation: Warren, Logan

Born: 1956

Career: 1975 - 2000; 2007 - present


Local Influences: Rev. Bill Simpson (deceased)

Non Local Influences: Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Govinda, Huxley, Orwell, Nietzsche, Jung, Pirsig ; Beatles, Moody Blues, Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis 

Instruments: Drums and Percussion


  • Welborn Studios located in Logan Co. owner/engineer/producer: 270-731-9064 • 
  • BMI (2011 to present)
  • Drummer for several bands in the 70's and early 80's in Bowling Green which featured area Artists including Bobby Baldwin, Jeff Smith, Brad Masden and Michael Gough, and Jonell Mosser.
  • Cold Water Canyon (1976-1977) Thomas Theodore Welborn (drums) Thomas Theodore Welborn (drums)
  • Silverwing (1978) Thomas Theodore Welborn (drums)
  • Winden Silver (1979-1980) Thomas Theodore Welborn (drums) 
  • Touchstone (1980-1981) Thomas Theodore Welborn (drums)
  • Welborn Brothers (1995-2000) Thomas Theodore Welborn (drums)


  • Before the Dawn EP (2007) All tracks and Instruments Performed and Recorded by TTW at Welborn Studios.
  • A Yin for Yang (2009) Self Produced Solo Album: Ten Classical Music and Rock inspired compositions. All tracks and Instruments Performed and Recorded by TTW at Welborn Studios.
  • Multiplication (2010) Self Produced Solo Album: Six Classical Music and Rock inspired compositions plus Five Bonus Tracks featuring five of the songs with Lyrics Recited. All tracks and Instruments Performed and Recorded by TTW at Welborn Studios.
  • SmorgasBorg (2013) Self Produced Solo Album. Eclectic mix of eleven tracks variously reflecting Rock, Classical, Jazz and Blues All tracks and Instruments Performed and Recorded by TTW at Welborn Studios. 
  • Indian Knoll (a) (2015) Self Produced Solo Album. Eclectic mix of nine tracks variously reflecting Rock, Classical, Jazz and World. All tracks and Instruments Performed and Recorded by TTW at Welborn Studios. 
  • Absolute Relativity (2018) Self Produced Solo EP: Classical ‘Suite’ of five tracks. All tracks and Instruments Performed and Recorded by TTW at Welborn Studios.

Published Works


Services:  Welborn Studios: Songwriter, Sound Engineering/Recording, Artist Production, Post Production, Album Design, Promotion.


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