Tommy Lee Wallace was born September 6, 1949 in Somerset Kentucky.  He grew up in Bowling Green and attended College High.  In high school his band The Kaleidoscope was a major influence on other local musicians.

He graduated Cum Laude from Ohio State University for graphic design in 1971 and attended University of Southern California Cinema School.

Wallace served in several capacities on early John Carpenter films like Darkstar and Assault on Precinct 13.  For 1978's Halloween he was Editor and Production Designer.  He was also the person that created the mask for Michael Meyers by altering a Captain Kirk (William Shatner) mask.

He went on to write and/or direct several movies include Stephen King's IT, Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, El Diable, And the Sea Will Tell, Vampires: Los Muertos and 12 Days of Terror as well as television episodes of Bay Watch, The Twilight Zone and Max Headroom.


  • Darkhorse (2009, Writer)
  • Halloween: Faces of Fear (2007, Interviewed)
  • The Horrorhound (2007, Interviewed)
  • Halloween: 25 Years of Terror (2006, Interviewed)
  • 12 Days of Terror (2004, Writer) (TV)
  • 'Halloween': A Cut Above the Rest (2003, Interviewed)
  • Vampires: Los Muertos (2002, Director, Writer, Actor - scared guy)
  • Tales from the Mist: Inside 'The Fog' (2002, Interviewed)
  • 'Halloween' Unmasked 2000 (1999, Interviewed)
  • Final Justice (1998, Director)
  • The Spree (1998, Director) (TV)
  • Steel Chariots (1997, Director) (TV)
  • Once You Meet a Stranger (1996, Director, Writer) (TV)
  • Born Free: A New Adventure (1996, Director) (TV)
  • "Flipper" (1995, Director) TV series (unknown episodes)
  • Green Dolphin Beat (1994, Director) (TV)
  • Witness to the Execution (1994, Director) (TV)
  • Danger Island [aka The Presence] (1992, Director) (TV)
  • The Comrades of Summer (1992, Director) (TV)
  • And the Sea Will Tell (1991, Director) (TV)
  • El Diablo (1990, Writer) (TV)
  • It (1990, Director, Teleplay Writer) (TV) [aka Stephen King's It]
  • Far from Home (1989, Screenplay)
  • "Baywatch" (1 episode, 1989, Director)
  • "CBS Summer Playhouse" (1 episode, 1989, Director) - Outpost (1989) TV episode
  • "Tour of Duty" (1 episode, 1989)  - Nightmare (1989, Director) TV episode
  • Fright Night Part 2 (1988, Director, Writer)
  • Aloha Summer (1988, Director)
  • "Max Headroom" (2 episodes, 1987, Director) [The Blanks (1987), Security Systems (1987) ]
  • Big Trouble in Little China (1986, second unit director)
  • The Boy Who Could Fly (1986, Actor - The Coupe De Villes)
  • "The Twilight Zone" (3 episodes, 1985-1986, Director) [The Leprechaun-Artist (also Writer),  Little Boy Lost, Dreams for Sale]
  • Amityville II: The Possession (1982, Writer)
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982, Director, Writer, Actor - Silver Shamrock commerial announcer voice)
  •  The Fog (1980, Editor, Production Designer, Actor - ghost)
  • Halloween (1978, Editor, Production Designer)
  • Assault on Precinct 13 (1976 Art Director, Sound Effects)
  • Dark Star (1974 Associate Art Director)


  • 1991 - Won ACE for Writing a Movie or Miniseries for El Diablo (1990) w/ John Carpenter and Bill Phillips.
  • 1989 - Nominated for International Fantasy Film Award for Best Film on Fright Night Part 2 (1988).
  • 1981 - Nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Special Effects on The Fog (1980) w/ Richard Albain & James F. Liles

Bands: [Humdogs, Skip Bond and the Fugitives, The Coupe de Villes, The Kaleidoscope, Tomorrow's Children]

  • Humdogs (-present)
  • Skip Bond and the Fugitives (2000-present) R&B covers [Members:  Steve Wilson (lead vocals, occasional rhythm guitar),  Tommy Holderfield (keyboards, background vocals, manager), Tim Hulsey (lead guitar, background vocals), Mike Hildreth (bass, vocals), Jim DeCesare (drums), Danny Duvall (trumpet, vocals), Dave Gottfried (trombone, vocals), Rick Williams (alternate percussion), Michael Strautman (sax), Don "Man Candy" Lowe (soundman & transportation director), Tommy Lee Wallace (occasional guest), Bennie Beach, Jr.  (occasional guest drummer), Bobby Baldwin.]
  • The Coupe de Villes (1971-present)
  • The Kaleidoscope (1966-1968, Guitar)
  • Tomorrow's Children (1965)

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