Larry Elmore was born in Louisville August 5, 1948.  He graduated WKU in 1971 and was drafted into the army where he drove a tank.  He then worked at the Fort Knox Training Aids Department as an illustrator for several years before he decided to freelance.  He now resides in Leitchfield with his wife.  They have two children.

His early work was published both in National Lampoon and Heavy Metal magazines as well as for BAEN books, Bantam, Warner Books, ACE/Berkley, Doubleday and Del Rey.  He freelanced art for the cartoons Thundercats and He Man. 

In 1981 he became the first professional illustration for TSR, Inc., the makers of Dungeons & Dragons.  There he created adventures and other game books, novels and posters. He created the SnarfQuest comic and Dragonlance saga.  He left  TSR, Inc. in 1987.

He has also illustrated cards for Magic: The Gathering, cover art for MMORPG EverQuest and art for Marc Miller's Traveller as well as the novel Runes of Autumn and Sovereign Stone.

In 2005 Elmore, who has always maintained his own copyright, released 20 Years of Elmore and in 2013 began a hardback collection of his art - Larry Elmore: The Complete Elmore Artbook.  It was funded by Kickstarter.  His original goal was $17,500 but the campaign raised $299,914.  He plans on using Kickstarter again for a second book featuring his black and white work.



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