Local artist Andee Rudloff, who serves as the Education and Visual Arts Director at SKyPAC is featured in the winter edition of Studio Visit Magazine available now at studiovisitmagazine.com.  The magazine is a series of juried artist books.  Each volume features artists selected by professional curators.  It is distributed to thousands of galleries, curators and museums as well as individual art lovers.

Ms. Rudloff recently posted on her blog at chicnhair.com, "Making THINGS happen is my goal for 2014!"  But, anyone with even a causal acquaintance of local arts knows that Andee Rudloff has been making things happen in the regional scene for decades now.  In 2013 alone she was honored as the Kentucky Art Education Association (KyAEA) Museum Educator of the Year, became a trustee of the Tanne Foundation which gives financial awards to recognize outstanding achievements by artists for their passion and commitment to their work and continued to serve on the board of the Kentucky Arts Council, a position she was appointed to in 2010 by Governor Steve Beshear.

The section of Studio Visit Magazine highlighting Ms. Rudloff's work features images of the Bicycle Bus which she completed this summer for Green Fleet in Nashville. A Kickstarter.com financed project, the Bicycle Bus sits under the pedestrian bridge in downtown Nashville and has served as the home of the downtown bicycle tour location since March.

Like many of Andee's projects, the bus was painted with the help of almost 100 volunteers.  She has facilitated such projects, including Tennesee's largest youth art project, the Tennessee Youth Mural Project, in Nashville, Bowling Green, Scottsville and Franklin.

Nashville has been a second home to Andee for years and she served there as the curator for the international airport as well as Community Relations Manager at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.  In 2008 the Nashville Scene awarded her the title "Best Art Community Energizer" describing her saying, "Possibly one of the busiest artists in town, Andee Rudloff is more common at the city's art functions than Merlot."

In 2010 she relocated back to her hometown of Bowling Green to join the initial crew planning for the opening of SKyPAC and has remained there since.  Yet, despite all the demands of her position at SKyPAC she continues to be active exhibiting her work around the country as well as donating her time to a wide variety of community nonprofit organizations and events both in Bowling Green and Nashville.

Ms. Rudloff's boundless energy and love of community is an inspiration. We congratulate her on her well deserved recognition and look forward to seeing what new creative initiatives she will gift to our community in 2014! 

For more information on Andee visit www.chicnhair.com or read the Amplifier's past featured artist or cover story about her.

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