Another downtown eatery bridges gap between university and community

Little Fox Bakery, 314 E. Main Ave. will open before the start of the semester.

Western Kentucky University students will be offered another downtown spot, Little Fox Bakery, 314 E. Main Ave, before the start of the semester.

“It’s important to support local art. It’s equally important to community. We’re bridging the gap between the university and community itself,” assistant professor, graphic designer Natalie Tyree said.

Art exhibitions, merchandise with original prints and hands-on experiences are crafted into the studio tours.

“Educating what prints are is really important to me. The fine art of print-making versus reproductions are an aspect. The main reason is to get students a lot of exposure. Yesterday, over 100 came in and it was good for students to articulate their ideas in the general public. Setting up these opportunities is really important,” Assistant professor, printmaking, Marilee Salvator said.

Upon first entrance into the student art exhibition at the downtown eatery, Greenville freshman Ethan Justice discusses his hopes for his growth in the program. Justice displays a colorful palette in his work and utilizes bubble wrap for texture.

“Color and texture really played part to scream, almost, and push the limits,” Justice said. “To say it aloud, for 10 works, I would like for each person to like one piece. I make art and as cheesy as it sounds, it belongs to the paper. It is some kind of relief: synesthesia. This is the utmost physical vulnerability: yourself. This is my first exhibition after high school.”

In turn, students receive opportunities to educate faculty and staff within their non-major, general education curriculum, outside the classroom.

“I love the studio art tour. We used to come all the time and it was great,” Director of Hardin Planetarium Dr. Richard Gelderman said, referencing his family. “Now, we’re having them with wine and in the studio and it is still fun to do. There is a lot of art in astronomy and lot of creativity in the sciences.”

To follow community events within WKU Art Department, access [@WKUPcal] or [@WKUArt] on Twitter or Instagram and WKU Potter College of Arts & Letters on Facebook. To follow Little Fox Bakery events, search by business name on Facebook and [@_littlefox_bakery] on Instagram.

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