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A popular Kentucky Arts Council arts education grant program will have rolling deadlines rather than fixed application due dates, expanding opportunities for Kentucky schools to serve students.

The deadline for the Teaching Art Together artist residency grant will be the first of the month through April. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, schools applying for the grant must agree to conduct residencies virtually through teleconference.

Teaching Art Together allows teachers to collaborate with practicing, professional artists in the arts council’s Teaching Artists Directory on the design and implementation of innovative residencies. These residencies provide teachers with the tools to continue to incorporate the arts into the curriculum after the residency is completed.

In addition to the rolling deadline, the arts council will no longer require schools to provide matching funds for the Teaching Art Together grant. Residencies are now limited to 20 hours (five days) for a total grant amount of $1,000.

Veteran teaching artist Pat Banks of Richmond, whose discipline is watercolors, said Teaching Art Together opens up students to new opportunities and expands a teacher’s abilities to provide more robust instruction in the arts.

“I’ve worked with a lot of art teachers that are potters, and obviously painting is a whole different skill,” Banks said. “When you are able to bring in someone who works in a different art form and who approaches their work in a different way, it gives kids a bigger toolbox to draw from in their own creativity.

“Having a pretty picture at the end is not exactly the goal. I can give them experience with washes, brush handling, brush strokes and bring that all together. It’s about process, patience and practice.”

Banks is one of more than 40 artists in the arts council’s Teaching Artists Directory. The directory contains artists from a wide array of disciplines, like visual and craft art, theater, dance, media arts and other subjects.

For more information on Teaching Art Together, contact Samuel Lockridge at or 502-892-3124, or visit the arts council website.

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