Print Installation, "Desert Cowgirl" from Bowling Green senior Marlee Jones is featured in Cube Gallery of Ivan B. Wilson Fine Arts Center for one week, it will close Sunday.

In addition to the Cube, the printmaker has held installations and been featured in shared galleries and large-scale installations several times with colleagues from different concentrations in the Department of Art at Western Kentucky University including Baker Arboretum and Downing Museum, on Morgantown Road, and Ellis Walker Gallery, 1945 Scottsville Road.

"Desert Cowgirl," a heroic character inspired by a young, fearless girl -- centers on Jones' journey. The topic: consumption of substances, women in society and trying to overcome these obstacles in everyday life.

The installation included a multimedia piece surrounded with women in Jones' daily life from childhood to adulthood, as well.

"My over consumption of drugs and alcohol left me feeling very detached from reality...When I was able to get sober, I saw how unhealthy my thoughts of myself were and I practiced loving myself again," Jones, 25, said. "I felt a huge loss of innocence, like I had betrayed my younger self. Even in sobriety, I still fell into old behaviors of letting others control me, and relationships with myself and others have been my biggest hurdle."

An excerpt of the opening statement of "Desert Cowgirl" from Jones is as follows:

"...After being in recovery for a little over two years, my perception of my sober life has continuously changed. I place myself in a safer place, in the middle of the desert surround by dry desolate land, and patches of beautiful cacti and wildlife flourishing along the path. While continuing to live a young adult's life, I began to realize how little I had done without being under the influence of substances. I had to relearn how to do everyday tasks. I had to break the habit that I had fallen so deeply into."

Jones' March 2018 installation, "Life On Mars" is also featured on the Amplifier at

To keep updated with Jones, a member of the BG makers [@bmakers] follow on Instagram at [@_lifeonmars_]

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