Kentucky Museum hosting quilt registry

The Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society will hold a quilt registry at the Kentucky Museum at WKU from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 21 and April 22 to register quilts made in Kentucky during the period from 1800 to 1960.

“The diversity and quality of quilts made in Kentucky is internationally recognized,” said KHQS Quilt Registry Coordinator Sue Dee. “Registries like the one scheduled for this April offer Kentuckians an opportunity to share their quilted treasures with others.”

Kentucky Museum Registrar/Collections Curator Sandy Staebell noted: “Quilt registries provide a way to promote the appreciation of the art and craft of quiltmaking and support the collection and preservation of Kentucky quilts.”

If you own quilts made within this time frame, we encourage you to sign up to bring one to two of them to this event. The quilts registered here will be documented as Warren County quilts. Quilts made elsewhere during the same time period and now owned by Warren Countians may also be registered. Space is limited so pre-registration is necessary.

The quilts will be photographed, and a physical analysis made to establish the year they were made, how they were made, the pattern used, and any other information the reviewers might be able to ascertain. Because biographical data about the quiltmaker will be recorded, the quilt owner is encouraged to bring the following information: the quiltmaker’s name, date and place of birth, husband’s name, date and place of marriage, if applicable, date of death and burial site, and where and when the quilt was made.

The data compiled will be housed in Library Special Collections at WKU. Selected information will also be put online as part of the KHQS Quilt Registry database. This information is invaluable to quilt historians, folklorists, genealogists, and those interested in social history, especially women’s studies.

There is no charge for registering your quilts. Quilt owners will receive a muslin label containing a quilt identification number which they may sew to the back of the quilt. KHQS will add the written record of the analysis to the KHQS archives housed in Library Special Collections at WKU where it will be available for viewing by researchers and by family members. KHQS will also upload selected information from this record into its online Quilt Registry database.

This Quilt Registry is co-sponsored by the Kentucky Museum at WKU, Creative Quilters of Southern Kentucky, and Quilting Friends of Glasgow.

More information, including how to sign up to register your quilt(s), is available at Contacts for this Registry are Sandy Staebell, Kentucky Museum, at (270) 745-6260 or and Sue Dee, KHQS Quilt Registry Coordinator, at (606) 549-0110 or

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