Printmaker Marlee Jones held her installation "Life On Mars," in Ivan B. Wilson Fine Arts Center in early March. With the help of few friends, venue owners, and her own funds, she accumulated beer cans for the installation and detailed the journey of making the installation for a month. She updated friends and fans through Instagram and word of mouth. To keep updated with Jones, a member of the BG Makers [@bgmakers], follow on Instagram at [@_lifeonmars_].

Description from Marlee Jones: My main objective for this exhibition is transport the viewer into the plush cacti paradise that often consumes my mind. For the last three years I have struggled with substance abuse issues, and this piece reflects on the journey that I started nine months ago when I was able to get sober. In treatment, I was able to learn healthy coping and meditative skills to ease myself back into reality. I almost always landed myself in a desert, surrounded by these beautiful cacti, I carried this with me into the real world.

The compulsive nature of an addict doesn't just leave when you kick the habit. I still find myself becoming very obsessive about certain things in my life, my printmaking for example. This is why I have such overwhelming amount of plant life in such a small space that compulsive nature is what had me in an endless cycle of self-destruction, but human beings are capable of so much. There's always a way to take something so dark, and bring it back to life. I have jumped with both feet into the printmaking world, and I couldn't love it more.

Resistance is life, and resistance has become my whole life. I have to resist the things that call my name the loudest. the cactus is a representation of myself. Cacti need little water to flourish in a dry environment, and they often do better when you just let them be. I've had to become very vulnerable during my recovery, and somehow, I feel like it's created a hard, prickly shell around me, because now I have so much more that I have to protect myself from. It is a challenge every day, and it will continue to be a part of my life. Through making art and printmaking, I am able to keep going through this journey of recovery and life. All plants are either screen printed or carved Lino prints on Thai Kozo paper, and pasted to the wall.

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