Local artists, musicians, and venues are working together for a healthy democracy by supporting the work of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth (KFTC) with BAM: An Evening of Beer, Art, and Music on Saturday, May 5th from 5pm to midnight.

ART Matters will host a silent art auction beginning at 5 and a live bidding auction starting at 6:30. The auction features work from local artists including Leslie Nichols, Mike Nichols, Shanna Paul, Lynette Haggbloom, Mitchell Rickman, Matt Tullis, Alla Gilbert, Summer Bolton, Cindy Houston, Laura Beth Fox Ezell, Ben Fox Ezell, Sara Volpi, Kristina Arnold, Karen Genter, Lynn Robertson, Claude Robertson and Teresa Christmas.

Musicians Waco Bell, FFOYA, Spirit Week, and Jeremy Porter and the Tucos will play a concert at the A-Frame starting at 8pm with a $10 suggested donation. Craft beer will be available for purchase as well.

Artists and musicians have donated all or a portion of their proceeds to KFTC to support local and state-wide efforts to engage voters in the 2018 elections.

When asked why she was motivated to lead an event to support a healthy democracy, Teresa Christmas said, “As voters we have a responsibility and power to ensure that our elected officials listen to us.”

KFTC’s voter engagement strategy includes uplifting the voices of everyday Kentuckians to be heard in our democracy. KFTC has planned weekly canvases each Sunday in May, publishes Voter Guides with information on candidates stances on a variety of issues, and hosts candidate forums to support voters in participating in our democracy. If you’d like to contribute to KFTC’s work, contact Molly Kaviar at molly@kftc.org or at 502-599-3989.

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