WKU Art Alumni Exhibition

The FAC Main Gallery is currently hosting an Alumni Exhibition in the Main and Hallway Gallery now until February 29, 2020.

The Closing Reception will be held Saturday, February 29, 2020 in FAC Main Gallery from 2- 5pm.

The WKU Art Alumni Exhibition consists of work from 80 Art Department Alumni. Some of the Alumni who have participated in the show are well-known to WKU and the community:

-Victoria Layne, WKU Art Department Alumni and FAC Gallery Manager curated the exhibition. -Kara Williams Glenn, WKU Art Department Alumni, WKU Art Professor, Image West Director, and participant in the exhibition. Her piece is located on the second floor of the Main Gallery, a portrait created using pop-sockets and paint.

-Russ Faxon, WKU Art Department Alumni, Well-Known Artist and participant of the show, has created many of the sculptures on WKU Main Campus such as the Robert Guthrie Statue. His piece “The Pearl Giver” is located on the first floor of the Main Gallery.

-Tom Pfannerstill, WKU Art Department Alumni, Well-Known Artist and participant of the show, finds objects and recreates them. His piece in the show, titled “Quaker State”, is a replica of a smashed Quaker State bottle he found. It is created using wood and paint.

-Andrew Williams, WKU Art Department Alumni, Teacher, and participant in the show, has installed a large ceramic piece located under the stairs in the Main Gallery. His piece is titled “Tree of Life Version 7” and is made entirely of ceramic sculptures intertwined and stacked together. Mr. Williams also teaches in Tennessee and the Art Department sees many of his students further their education at WKU.

-Amanda Pawley, WKU Art Department Alumni, Successful Business Owner, and participant of the show. Mrs. Pawley and her husband run a successful business in Russellville, KY. You can find her “Large Yarn Bowl” in FAC Main Gallery first floor.

You can find a list of other artists participating in the show on our gallery website:


This exhibition is a great way for current students to find inspiration in works from those who have graduated from the Art Department and for the Alumni to reconnect with WKU, the Art Department, fellow alumni, current students, and the community. We invite the community to visit the Main Gallery to view the works on display Monday-Friday from 8am until 4:30pm (gallery hours).

If you have questions please contact Victoria Layne at victoria.layne@wku.edu

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