Werley Nortreus

Portrait of Werley Nortreus

Werley Nortreus is a Musician, Author, Entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer of Ceraphin Corporation that he owns and shares with Nortreus Media Group. The young media mogul, Werley Nortreus was elected the CEO of ‘Bon Déjeuner! Radio‘, a very popular internet radio station based in ‘Cap-Haitien‘, owned by Werley and Ceraphin Radio Network, which have reached out millions of people worldwide. The station’s CEO, Werley Nortreus have announced that he owns 60% of shares and investments from now. According to trusted sources and Google, Ceraphin Radio Network was founded by Werley Nortreus along with the rest of the Nortreus family members but the top owner remains Werley Nortreus as always.

In fact, the number one and the top Haitian-owned radio broadcasting network under the name of Ceraphin Radio Network has a motto that is known as (Your Network, Your Stations), but in French, it means as (Votre Réseau, Vos Stations). Based on the company overview, it is a radio broadcasting network that operates more than 5 major internet radio stations and more. The top 5 internet radio stations run and manage by the network are ‘Bon Déjeuner! Radio‘ that operate in Haiti and France, including ‘iJazzy Classical‘ that operate in Haiti and the United States, and ‘Latina HeartBeat‘ that operate in the Dominican Republic, and ‘Afro! PopUp‘ that operate in Africa, and ‘1stPremium Gospel‘ that operate in Canada. All those stations are owned by Werley Nortreus and Ceraphin Radio Network.

The well-known Haitian businessman, Werley Nortreus have announced that he owns 60% of shares and investments of ‘Bon Déjeuner! Radio‘ that he runs with Ceraphin Radio Network. In fact, the radio stations are all run by a network which is managed by Ceraphin Corporation. The CEO, Werley Nortreus started Ceraphin Corporation with Kenley Nortreus and shared it with Nortreus Media Group in order to split the shares and investments with his trusted family members and trusted friends. The mass media company, Ceraphin Corporation, founded by Werley Nortreus and his brother Kenley Nortreus revealed that their holding company now owns more than 20+ brands, including a radio network, a tv network, more than 5+ radio stations, a few magazines, a few newspapers, two institutes, two restaurants, one photography studio, 2 recording studios, one movie theatre, etc. The mass media company operates brands in more than 5 countries and their goals will always be based on connecting and bringing the world more joy.

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