Growing up as a young boy in the farmland of Michigan I am no stranger to the outdoor world. Many times have I heard the crunch of snow under my boots during the frigid winters or felt sweat stinging my eyes while baling hay beneath the hot August sun. Field corn had to be planted by Memorial Day and should be knee high by July 4th. is how the old guys put it. After the corn was put in the silos in October it was also time to Pheasant hunt. A good hunting dog to have along with you was like having a multi tool at your side.

      It seemed like we always had a dog around, I guess it was ours because we fed it and it stayed with us. When you’re ten years old it really doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is, it’s just comforting to have a companion that doesn’t tell you to mow the lawn or to come in and eat supper. “Sandy”, the Collie, named so because of the color of her coat, if she had been named after our garden soil she would have been know as “Clay” was with us for many years and helped me form the beginning of an affectionate bond for dogs for a long time to come.

        Years went by and I finally realized that now I was one of the old guys. I had retired from career number one of Retailing. After spending thirty five years of working in different parts of the country I was really looking forward to spending time on my photography. Most of my photography is done on the weekends and with the wife working I had plenty of free time during the week. Taking up drinking and chasing women would not be a good idea and the Gambling places were too far away. It was time to get a dog. Part of my early upbringing had included getting taught that dogs do not belong in the house and it took me while to get used to the idea of having an animal inside. We went ahead and did some research and after much discussion I, or we, decided on a Beagle . They had all the traits that would make life more interesting without things getting out of control. Knowing that Beagles are mainly working dogs I was a little concerned about one having enough space in our house on our 1/3 acre lot in our subdivision, but a few good walks a day should solve that problem. The answer came one morning by way of the local TV channel. The County Animal Shelter was showing abandoned dogs up for adoption and it just happened to feature a hybrid Beagle/ Basset hound which we named Indie, with the most handsome and I was sure most honest and loving face that I had ever seen on a dog. That was probably the best Television Feature we had seen in a long time.

      Bringing a dog into the house also involves a learning curve both for the dog and the owner and Indie was no exception. You learn real quick like where not to leave food

set out at.

Young Indie mail

Young Indie

I swear that even a 13″ Beagle can stretch itself out to be at least seven feet long. A few weeks after bringing Indie home my eighty seven year old mother in law came to visit us……

Read the whole story and many others in our new book “Jimbob and the Adventures of the City Beagles” to be published Dec. 4,2017. Order the book by calling me at 270-779-2311 or PayPal at

                                              Jimbob and the Beagles go Camping

City Beaglers sometimes have to create adventures to add some excitement to the daily life, even if it means that the camping trip will be nearby and in cold weather. After we held a team meeting nest to the artificial stove in my studio, the hounds and I all decided we were ready to head to the great outdoors and spend a night in a tent. Sitting around the campfire, singing songs and telling stories about how they would kill a rabbit dead, the smell and sight of a crackling fire, the feeling of freedom, were all memories I was anticipating to revisit. Who knows, we might even hear an owl hooting in the dark or see a shooting star in the sky!

Camping mail

Ready to tell stories and sing songs

Taking some cues from my past days of being a Boy Scout, I made out our checklist which I based on carrying the least amount of weight possible.Water and dog treats would be carried in wide mouth Nalgene bottles, they are light weight and sturdy and last just fine for at least 34 years……

Read the whole story and many others in our new book “Jimbob and the Adventures of the City Beagles” to be published Dec. 4,2017. Order the book by calling me at 270-779-2311 or PayPal at


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