ME and my MC or, how one thing led to another.

Julie Milam I dropped by the downtown Starbucks at 7 am. Tuesday morning and much to my pleasant surprise I heard a “Hey Jimbob”  from Julie Milam the General Sales Manager at WNKY. I responded with a “Hi Julie, what’s new?’  She answered with “Me and my MC.”  I was taken aback for just a microsecond because Julie looked as photogenic as always and I didn’t quite know what she meant. Thankfully she went on to explain that the Station had launched a new TV channel named ME TV which features many TV shows of the old days. We talked for a bit, I left to kick around some more, but that MC ( for morning coffee) still kept nagging at me. Later on while I was driving down Broadway headed back to the housesit finally hit me! The MC5 is why MC was sticking in my mind. The MC5 were one of the great band from the Detroit area in the mid-sixties right along with The Stooges, The Amboy Dukes, Frijid Pink and ? and the Mysteriens. Good way to kick off the day by kicking out the Jams. (Mothers please do not let your children listen to the unedited version of Kick Out The Jams.)


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