Academy for New Americans class of 2019

The fourth session of the Academy for New Americans focusing on Transportation, City Government Services and Effective Communication will be held on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 8:30am in the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services, 707 E. Main Avenue, Bowling Green, KY.

Participants will meet in the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services, where they will board a GO BG Transit Bus on the green line and head to the Transit Center on 11th Street. Participants will walk to City Hall for presentations from the City’s Public Works Department, Human Resources Department, and Business Licensing Division. After a brief visit in City Hall, participants will board a GO BG Transit Bus and will complete the entire bus route on the green line while learning more about the City’s public transit system. The session will culminate with a 2-hour workshop on effective communication, led by NCS Director Brent Childers.

Thirty (30) applicants were selected to participate, representing fifteen (16) different countries and speaking twenty one (16) different languages. To learn more about each Academy participants visit:

The Academy for New Americans is a free leadership-training program sponsored by the City of Bowling Green that empowers New Americans to understand and participate in City Government. The purpose of the program is to provide New Americans the tools necessary to successfully navigate City services, community information and resources in order to become key stakeholders in assisting their respective ethnic communities and neighborhoods.

The Academy for New Americans is led by the International Communities Liaison Division (ICL) in the Department of Neighborhood and Community Services. The Academy is scheduled to meet for its final session on Thursday, June 20 following a graduation luncheon on Friday, June 21 to be held at the Sloan Convention Center.

For more information on the Academy for New Americans visit: or contact Leyda Becker (270) 393-3766 at

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