Limestone sidewalk restoration funded at South Union

Historic landscape restoration at South Union Shaker Village greatly enhances the architectural heritage left by the Shakers. Many of the large limestone slabs, cut and installed by the Shakers in order to make sidewalks, were removed and either destroyed or re-used after the village closed in 1922. Because of meticulous written records, valuable historic photographs, and rare 19th century maps, it is possible to discover the location of these former walks.

Thanks to a significant sponsorship by The Ridley and Hull Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, South Union Shaker Village is placing hand-cut limestone slabs, crafted by the 19th century Shakers, back to their original locations. Work has already begun on this important project, one that will allow visitors to experience a greater sense of the scope of the village at its peak.

We are most grateful to John Ridley, AIF, Managing Director-Investment Officer of the Ridley and Hull Group of Wells Fargo Advisors, who crafted this premier sponsorship in honor of the legacy of Martin Brown, Sr. Mr. Brown, who passed away in August, served on the SUSV Advisory Committee for nearly 30 years, leaving an invaluable legacy of commitment, leadership, and support.

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