Rick DuBose to lead Friends of Mammoth Cave

Rick DuBose is the new executive director of the Friends of Mammoth Cave.

As the new executive director of the Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park (FOMC), Rick DuBose is already friend-raising and fund-raising, meeting with area businesses and encouraging new members.

"I am honored to have the opportunity to lead the Friends of Mammoth Cave as its executive director,” said DuBose. “Mammoth Cave National Park is both a local and national treasure. I look forward to working with Park staff to help protect Park resources and draw people to experience its wonder.”

DuBose comes to the Friends as a recent WKU retiree, where he worked in fundraising and alumni affairs for nearly 19 years.

“Rick’s work experience and networking abilities are a perfect match for his new job with the Friends,” said Friends Board Chairman Tom Carney. “At present, our primary initiative is called Ticket-to-Ride, bringing students to the Park for hands-on outdoor learning. We would like to enlist area businesses to serve as county sponsors.”

The mission of the FOMC, a 501-c3 organization, is to foster educational programs and research, support multi-generational visitor experiences, and promote fitness and recreational opportunities available at the Park. Last year, the Friends raised $66,000.

“I have been impressed with the work of the Friends' group under the leadership of Helen Siewers,” added DuBose. “I hope to continue to build on what she and the board have put in place." Siewers served as executive director for four years and recently accepted a position with Metro Parks Nashville as Greenways project manager.

“The Friends of Mammoth Cave have become a steadfast partner,” said Park Superintendent Barclay Trimble. “They help with planned operations, but are also responsive to Park needs. During the shutdown, the Friends set up an information table in front of the visitor center and staffed it on the weekends. They reached more than 600 visitors. The Friends are Mammoth Cave heroes.”

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