The Landmark Association

The Landmark Store will have a pop-up site so that the community will have its annual opportunity to purchase all of their offerings including books, maps and note cards.

The pop-up site will be up December 19th and 20th from 3:30 to 5pm at the Tyler Adams House, 1123 State Street.

They have several items available which would make wonderful gifts to current and past residents of Bowling Green and Warren County. See them on the Landmark Publications page


  • Bittersweet: The L & N Railroad and Warren County $10.00
  • That Mighty Band of Maidens $15.00
  • Riverview: Savoring the Past $3.00
  • Mount Moriah Cemetery Book $20.00
  • Our Heritage: An Album of Early Bowling Green Landmarks $25.00
  • Bowling Green in Vintage Postcards $21.99
  • Images of America: Bowling Green $21.99
  • Images of America: Warren County $21.99
  • Bowling Green Since 1950 $21.99
  • Then & Now Bowling Green $21.99
  • Bowling Green Stock Car Racing $21.99
  • Bowling Green and Warren County: A Bicentennial History $8.00
  • Western Kentucky University: The First 100 Years 1906-2006 $20.00
  • Coach Diddle Mister Diddle $10.00
  • The Man With the Red Towel $10.00
  • The Diary of Josephine Calvert $5.00
  • That Perfect Feeling in the Air: The Life of Victor Herbert Strahm $25.00
  • History of the Eleventh Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment: Union Army $40.00


  • 1925 Bowling Green L & N Depot Notecards (set of 10) $4.00
  • Warren County Courthouse Notecards (set of 10) $4.00
  • Bowling Green City Hall Notecards (set of 10) $4.00
  • James Ingram Gate Notecards (set of 10) $4.00
  • Pump House Notecards (set of 10) $4.00
  • Fountain Square Park Christmas cards (set of 10) $4.00


  • 1868 Warren County Courthouse Print (8 x 10) $3.00
  • 1894 Warren County Map (8 ½ x 11) $1.00
  • 1871 Bowling Green Birdseye View Map (23 x 18 ½) $10.00
  • Civil War Map of Bowling Green (11 x 17 ½) $4.00
  • Back issues of Landmark Report newsletter $1.00

Network with the organization by visiting Landmark Association Facebook page, Instagram @bglandmark, and


  • December 5-13: Christmas Tour To-Go!
  • May 2021: Historic Preservation Month

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