Road Trip to The Garden Patch

Just down the road in Smith’s Grove lies Pelly’s Farm, a third Generation farm.  The current generation has repurposed their dairy barn into a garden center, called The Garden Patch and fresh produce market.

The Garden Patch

The Garden Patch

Business name: The Garden Patch

Owners/Management: Esli Pelly

Years in business: since 1999

Address: 1085 Hays Smiths Grove Road, Smiths Grove, KY 42171 I-65, exit 38

Season/hours: 9-6 Monday – Saturday, 1-5 on Sunday.

Phone: 270-563-3411

Web: & The Garden Patch on Facebook

Q. What range of products or services do you offer?

A. Bedding Plants, Perennials, Herbs, Custom Potting, free delivery of blooming baskets, Kentucky Proud Products, Antiques & Gardenwares.

Q. Do you host any special events, classes etc?

A. Garden Glory Day, June 21, all day. Celebrating Antiques & Herbs. Seasonal classes in wreath making and potting your own plants.

Q. Does your stock come from a variety of places? Do you propagate any yourself?

A. We grow the majority of our plants but also import from carefully selected outside sources.

Q. What do you look for in choosing your inventory?

A. I am very selective.

Q. What products/services do you consider your specialty?

A. Blooming baskets, custom potting and friendly service. In the fall we have pumpkins in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Q. Do you have something new in stock this season you are particularly excited about?

A.We have pre-potted pots for both sun and shade, also pre-planted in vintage containers. Great for front porches, entry ways and centerpieces.

Q. What are your favorite plant varieties for the home garden or landscape?

A. Dragon wing begonias, million bells, or anything with great color and all perinnials.

Q. Do you have a gardening tip that stands out as particularly useful?

A. 1. Deep thorough watering when hot. 2. Stick to two colors for visual impact .

Q. What is the most common mistake, misinformation or bad advice you run across related to gardening that you would like to correct?

A. Not taking into consideration the special needs of plants, for example planting a sun loving plant in the shade.

Q. What would you advise for the part-time gardener to make the biggest impact with the least effort?

A. Pick blooming plants all about the same color family for a big show.

Q. Is there anything else you would like share about the business?

A. Our Greenhouse is open daily May through October. We also have a shop Downtown Smiths Grove that is open year ‘round. We deliver blooming baskets free to all local businesses including funeral homes and schools. Please see our Facebook page for pictures and information.


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