The wait for Bowling Green, Kentucky based metal band BeyonDuplication’s debut album is almost over. Their record, Open Eyes, is set to release November, 27, 2015 in conjunction with their show at The Spillway in Bowling Green, KY.

Having opened for popular bands such as Fear Factory, Sevendust, Mushroomhead, and Avatar, the guys are finally ready to rock some fans of their own and with this project they will do just that. After many years of writing together, the band is finally ready to let you hear the voices in their head.

The title track, “Open Eyes,” is a personal song about the real life struggle and dealing with the death of someone close. Other songs on the album such as the anthemic crowd favorite “One Day” show that the band can be upfront and in your face, while songs such as “Breathe” with it’s string section and acoustic guitars shows that there is more to metal than loud guitars.

To add another unique touch, the guys enlisted their tattoo artist to do the album artwork to show that they really wear their life and their music on their sleeves. Producer Ryan Griffin, commented, “These dudes were a blast to work with. We had a great time making the record and I know that their fans will enjoy it. I can’t wait for them to take it on the road and let people her it.”

The band released their promo video Tuesday to tell fans a little bit about the record as well as the presale packages. By buying a copy, you are not only helping BD, but also Ride for Dime, a nonprofit that works to get musical instruments to children in low income areas. For each unit that is sold the band will donate a portion of the proceeds. Other than Open Eyes, you can also expect more shows and a music video from the guys soon. To get your copy of Open Eyes visit to

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