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Sinkhole Records BG--a new record label named after a prominent and retired house show venue, Sinkhole Sanctuary, recorded a compilation of songs covering other Bowling Green bands. It is dubbed "BG Covers BG," a 26-song double length album from the local music scene--virtually and/or social disanced-wise. All proceeds from the album is to support Tidball's Sounds and Spirits Bar. Physical copies can be bought at Mellow Matt's Music and More, 1200 Smallhouse Road. Digital format released Friday via bandcamp, Cover art is by Laura Harper Knight and Brittnie Lineberg.

Sinkhole Records BG is a new record label named after a prominent and retired house show venue, Sinkhole Sanctuary. Under their direction, the local music scene joined--virtually and/or social distanced-wise-- to record a compilation of songs covering other Bowling Green bands. It is dubbed "BG Covers BG."

“The name not only tells you what the record is but also its intentions,” said Tanner Elias Clayton and Cody Beck, members of Americana group Ghost Ranch.

The group--a recent addition in the South central Kentucky talent pool--headlined the re-opening party for Tidball’s Sounds and Spirits on July 10th after its four-month hiatus brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. The reopening party and preceding sets followed a modified four-act concert held outdoors in the venue's lot with new fencing for increased capacity.

The venue and its fans have adjusted, with out-of-the-box ideas from staff and entrepreneurial and tech savvy friends of the bar. Co-owner Brian Jarvis worked with Bowling Green’s Yellowberri video production company to live-stream pre-recorded and live music performances, challenges and comedy bits about bonsai trees and the beloved bouncer, Jeff Walker.

Season two of “Yellowberri presents: Tidball’s #InsideOut” unfortunately was followed by orders to close after a series of COVID-19 cases spiked. Gov. Andy Beshear ordered all bars to close for the second time since the pandemic hit Kentucky and restaurants to reduce seating capacity to 25 percent.

Saturday’s Live Stream 2.2 Musician Draft will be available live for Patreon subscribers. With five different membership tiers, from $5 to $100, access to live streams, monthly stickers, shoutouts, T-shirts, advertising, reserved seating at events, Tidball’s action figures, show announcements and tickets are offered at

“The Tidball’s Patreon is such a great idea and super crucial to keep music alive,” Josh Hines of Dos Cobros and Peter The Freshman, said. “Lots of cool rewards. Please take a look and consider signing up.” Hines is an exemplary original artist with a cover extraordinaire featured on the BG Covers BG album.

The album, an idea born from the Yellowberri Presents Tidballl’s #INSIDEOUT event on June 6, can be accessed at and is a 26-song album. The first track is free: Will Perkins’ Cage The Elephant's multi-platinum single “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked,” off the Bowling Green band’s self-titled first album. Cage The Elephant is a two-time GRAMMY Recording winning group for best rock album and Tidball’s is the group’s hometown bar.

“Just a word about that show: fantastic,” L. Jordan Weiss stated online, “ The spirit of reverence with which everyone approached these well chosen BG covers was palpable and I couldn’t help but realize, yet again, how fortunate I am to be part of this music scene and this great community….It’s always a privilege sharing the stage with you guts, be it actual or virtual.”

Weiss performed a song from The Reneaus, a favorite band of his wife, Jessie. “...My lovely wife, Jessie, played it roughly 834 times in a single weekend and it has become my internal soundtrack for these strange times we’re currently in. Thus it seemed clear that I should take a swing at it for the BG covers BG livestream show at Tidball’s,” Weiss, instructor of Jordan Weiss Lesson Studio shared.

Both the digital and physical release drop Friday, fans can find hard CD copies at Bowling Green’s foremost independent record store Mellow Matt’s Music and More, 1200 Smallhouse Road.

Musician Collin Hancock, formerly Sugadaisy and the disbanded Menagerie, Heron and Crane, describes the compilation album as a sonic charcuterie to represent Bowling Green’s rich local music culture with Perkin’s cover as just the first bite.

“It’s to support Tidball’s, a place that pretty much defined the last five years of my life,” Hancock said of the album which was organized by Jeremi Duran, Chris Rutledge of The Cartoons, Joshua Lee Riddle (Wet Eyed Liars) and Tidball’s co-owner, Brian Jarvis.

The artists list includes The Cartoons, Jordan Pendley's cover of Rose Hotel (Jordan Reynolds), Ghost Ranch, Dos Cobros, GLDN LVRS, Jamie Resch, Matt DeVore, Collin Hancock, Dog School Dropouts (Jared McKinney), Gabagool, Kai Rogers from The Rift, Richard Adams of Cloud Ruler, Josh Hines, Cash Wilson, Nick Minnow Music, Trevor Rick and Tom Elwood’s Hot Oven Band, El Astronauta, Dr. Tom and the Mini-Mex, C Minor, Solar Disco Force, Wes Buchanan, Jalapeno Dynamite, Mega Darlin, Cody Meek and Russel Brooks. Cover art is by Laura Harper Knight and Brittnie Lineberg.

“Bowling Green has always been a community that has stuck together,” Beck of Ghost Ranch added. “When we see something precious to our town threatened, of course we’re going to be there with support.”

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