“Black Madonna” - From the album ‘Social Cues’ - Available Now: https://smarturl.it/cteSocialCues

This piece, was composed with the intent of being. A question, or commentary. Humans throughout history, have experience fractures of heart, struggling with deep separation, shame and isolation. What is the depth of the pain, actions and reactions, each soul experience while dealing with these fractures, separations, isolations. Is there a light of love that shatters the shadows of hate? Truly heartbroken when pondering such vast adversity. And yet encouraged, there is great hope in the light of Love. Using film formats and various processing techniques of motion picture, diverse in time period and geographical point of origin, we framed them in the context of our current global circumstance. How the slightest micro-action can create an undercurrent of macro-emotional reaction contained in thought, and heart behind the eye. What happens when what is perceived as micro is macro? The face. Interfaces. Projections and reactions. If the eye is actually the lamp, knowing it is a lens, what if what is perceived to be light or illumination, within the eye, lamp (or entering the lens/perspective) is actually a complete or partial obstruction of light? Deep shadows. How great is that obstruction of view and what effect does it have on image? Individualized, localized, globalized, universally and Omni. Could the light of Love (seen and unseen) be the only source of illumination in true balance, perfect, good enough to fill those fractures, causing the shadows of separation to retreat. In light of Love, can life be seen more clearly, images of the present and past, being restored.

Social Cu(bes)

Digital or Physical,

This isolation is an illusion

Loves the only way

Big thanks to all who have contributed to this project so far, giving so much of themselves. More to come soon, so much love, with great hope, that this is the beginning of something beautiful, healing that is both restorative in heart and physical circumstance, having life lasting, life sustaining impact.

Director: Matthew Shultz

Executive Producers: Daniel Oakley + Matthew Shultz

Director of Photography: Mika Matin

Assistant Director: Sophia Lauer

Director of Still Photography / Analog FX: Citizen Kane Wayne

Editor / VFX: Michael Rees

Set Designer / SFX Makeup: Ben Rittenhouse

Production Coordinator: Jenna Mitchell

Gaffer: Bennett Self

Wardrobe / Seamstress: Elliott Weaver

Makeup: Erin Strange


Josh Charow

Citizen Kane Wayne

Matt Emmi

Andrea Gavazzi

Pooneh Ghana


Sophia Lauer

Mika Matin

Dante Norris

Sarah Penson

Ben Rittenhouse

Lyrie Wang

Elliott Weaver

Landon Yost

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