Rock singer and motorcycle model Geneva Keene looks at “Sassy” through her private jet window at Portland (Tenn.) Municipal Airport. Sassy is fun, popular and the envy of all.

Sassy is a pearly white Corvette, owned by Marty and Michelle Southerland. Keene and Sassy are the stars of the video for the song “Vette City” promoting the inaugural Vette City Motorcycle Music Fest on Friday and Saturday at the National Corvette Museum.

The video is a testosterone-fueled tale of two alpha males – a Corvette driver and a motorcyclist.

Lee Vervoort, an American actor who has appeared on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” is the motorcyclist in “Vette City.” Dustin Lee Benefield peacocks as the new kid on the block in the Corvette the women flock to.

Putting on her producer’s hat, Keene became keen on casting, locations and the look in creating the first impression of Vette City MMF.

“Lee ... said ‘I want to be the guy to ride the bike in the video,’ and then Dustin, he’s the good-looking blonde guy – I had to have Dustin in there because I was like ‘dang!’ And of course, he’s a sweet guy, too,” Keene said.

“Next, I called Thunder Roads magazine of Tennessee. I wanted classy, sexy girls. The owners, Scott and Denise High, started sending me pictures of the girls. It was one point we were playing at a club in Nashville, and I thought about the girls I saw there, but I wanted someone professional that lives in this industry because that’s what we do, help others in this career.”

Geneva, the band – which also features Terry Hudgens, Dwayne Jones and Phil “Crash” Facchini – is known as one of the most popular rock bands performing at motorcycle events, rallies and concerts across the country.

Originally from Nashville, the band has toured headlining concerts and has opened for many national acts, including Travis Tritt, Molly Hatchet, Great White, Alice Cooper, Kid Rock, Rick Pony, John Kay & Steppenwolf, Tesla, Warrant, Billy Ray Cyrus, the late Johnny Cash and many others for more than 10 years in 11 different countries.

The video for “Vette City” reached nearly 40,000 views on Facebook, but 100,000 people have seen it via other sites since its premiere in late August.

“It’s shocking,” Keene said, “how there is a lot of Corvette people in this world. I’ve known Larry Jobe (Bowling Green Daily News director of new business development and VCMMF organizer) for a while as a promoter. (The Vette City Motorcycle Music Fest) is in our back yard as well. We’re from Nashville and it’s in all our interest.”

The band came up with the idea for the fest’s theme song.

“We were traveling and I was thinking about the song. We weren’t thinking about the video at that point, but we said, ‘You know what? This is a very good song. Maybe we should shoot a video,’ ” Keene recalled.

With Jobe as executive producer, Ed Spicuzza as cameraman and Joe Imel, Daily News director of media operations, as associate producer, the video continues to garner a strong viewership as the two-day music festival approaches. It starts Friday.

Fourteen bands will perform, including Friday night’s headliner, Gretchen Wilson. On Saturday, Bret Michaels closes the event. The Kentucky HeadHunters, Pat Travers, David Lee Murphy, The Georgia Satellites, Lita Ford, Foghat, The Devon Allman Project with Duane Betts, Smith & Wesley, Louisiana Swamp Donky and Otis complete the lineup. Geneva is scheduled to perform at 1 p.m. Friday.

“We got a lot of people coming from Nashville,” Keene said. “The event promises so much. How could you not go? It’s right there.

“Everybody I talk to about the event has seen the video. The whole cast will be doing meet-and-greets. ... Every person involved gave more than we asked.”

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