Kenzie Crowe & The Flaming Hots release "Golden Dish"

"Golden Dish" [Farm-Out! Records release № 27] is the debut single by Kenzie Crowe & The Flaming Hots, an unconventional family band making their mark on the South Central Kentucky regional music scene.

Genre: Rock: American Underground

Release Date: April 2017

Formed in late 2015, Kenzie Crowe & The Flaming Hots is a high-energy regional band, specializing in avant-rock originals and select covers. The power trio (at present) features the unlikely pairing of electric cello and Hammond organ courtesy of sisters Kenzie and Laila Crowe, who also perform vocal/guitar and violin/mandolin duties respectively. Their multi-instrumentalism finds structure and is supported by the timekeeping mastery of father Kevin Crowe. They are, at times, joined by great guest performers, and most recently by mother Carol Crowe, a purveyor of low frequencies.

The music has left its mark upon live audiences everywhere they have played, including such venues as National Record Store Day and Mellowversary, The Neon Flamingo, Arts On Main, and their recurring stint as unofficial/official house band at Farm-Out! Records Presents Open Mic @ The Washington Center.

The "Golden Dish" demo was recorded in December 2016 at Scottsville Conservatory as a drum sound and arrangement test flight. Though Kenzie Crowe's cello talents had been enlisted for various studio/label projects over the past year and a half, it was a new role of singer/songwriter/guitarist that found our heroine at the helm of this particular recording endeavor, whose final draft was labored upon January 2017 through March 2017, and upon completion, enjoyed its FM radio debut on Tommy Starr's Afternoon Rock Show on WDNS FM D-93 in Bowling Green Kentucky on Monday April 10. Listeners from afar as Tennessee, Indiana, New Mexico, and Vancouver BC caught the interview and debut via the streaming internet broadcast.

Lyrics and music by Kenzie Crowe

Kenzie Crowe: Voice, Guitars

Laila Crowe: Violin, Organ

Kevin Crowe: Drums, Percussion

Tim Britt: Lead Guitar

Johnny Thompson: Bass

Engineered by Johnny Thompson at Scottsville Conservatory for Farm-Out! Records January-March 2017

Produced by Kenzie Crowe & The Flaming Hots and Johnny Thompson

Available for download on iTunes/Amazon/CDBaby and all other major online outlets. Download cards available at various release events in coming weeks. For sneak previews, tour, images, and all-things-Kenzie Crowe & The Flaming Hots, please visit facebook@kcroweflaminghots

Album art by Laila Crowe

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