Farm-Out! Records is pleased to announce the completion and subsequent release of "L'Incident International" [Farm-Out! Records release № 39], a 13 track album of its namesake band's setlist from the 2011 Bowling Green International Festival.

In a rare departure from formal recordings of his original compositions, "L'Incident" is nearly entirely all foreign language covers adapted and arranged by the artist.

In addition to Thompson's guitar and voice, the album features the talents of Sean Rice (Drums), Stephen Britt (Keys), Aaron Holder (Bass), Kenzie Crowe (Cello), Annie Sellick (Voice), Megan Puckett (Voice), and Renee Isaacs (Voice).

Though the album's official release date was June 6 2020, it is still emerging in various formats/arenas..

"L'Incident International" " will be available in hardcopy exclusively at Mellow Matt's Music & More in Bowling Green and at Scottsville Conservatory, as well as world wide via all major streaming/digital platforms.

Additional album liners/notes:

Album's Completion - 3/29/2020

I will say this for the new world; there has never been a more real reminder to produce or consume. We are in this boat together and scared or no, when pressed to sink or swim, productivity has been the constant lifeboat to go forward upon.

In the wee hours of this morning, an album that has been underway (with several significant pauses) since 2011 was finally completed. As I sat in the listening room (truck) in my driveway at 5:00 AM listening to it from start to finish, I was momentarily at ease, sitting there in a state of disbelief/satisfaction.

In 2011, during my tenure as Diversity Stage Manager for the Bowling Green International Festival, we performed our third consecutive year with our best band yet, and shortly thereafter decided to further delay formal works by recording an album of our setlist of foreign language/themed covers; as always thinking it would be a snap. y'know, while we were still fresh.

At one point the album was progressing neck and neck with 2013's ABSURDTIA, but had to be bookmarked as to complete the original works album. It never really regained its traction after being benched on the back burner. Work on the album, "-itis", which had written itself overnight began the following year in 2014, and five years later, with numerous roster releases keeping it inactive, there seemed to be an increasing unlikelihood of its completion/release.

It was certainly disheartening to revisit both the completed tracks and those still under construction and think of the time/energies, including those afforded by many others' talents towards an inside musical joke that had been taken too far...and remember that some tracks had not even been started.

Somehow tiny brushstrokes resumed during the summer of 2018 and though it seemed possible to wrap it up in short order, 'twas but a went at a snail's pace for another year and a half...steady but slowwwwww.

Then the global crisis bought us new time, motivation, and energy to either "get busy living or get busy dying"...and suddenly it was this morning at it was done (well, at least the recording)...

L'INCIDENT INTERNATIONAL had some serious help getting hatched...

The Band...

JMT - Voice/Guitar/Strings/Brass/Reeds/Winds/Percussion

Sean Rice - Drums/Percussion

Stephen Britt - Keys

Aaron Holder - Bass


Kenzie Crowe - Cello

And the vocal talents of...

Annie Sellick, Renee Isaacs, & Megan Puckett


1) Also Sprach Zarathustra - Richard Strauss

2) Como Duermas-Tu? (How Do You Sleep?) - John Lennon

3) Dark Eyes - Yevhen Hrebinka

4) Ore D'Amore - Bert Kaempfert/Fred Bongusto/Mike Patton

5) Brazil - Ary Barroso/Geoff Muldaur

6) Tunak Tunak Tun - Daler Mehndi

7) Playing Tag and the Magnificent Horse - Carmine Coppola

8) La Revolución del Reciclaje - A Spaniard in the Homeworks

9) Om Namah Shivaya - Traditional

10) Como Esta? - Park Avenue Dregs

11) Across the Universe/Blue Jay Way - Beatles

12) The Girl From Ipanema - Antonio Carlos Jobim

13) Der Kommisar/Laune Der Woche (Freak of the Week)/

Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft - Falco/George Clinton/Klaatu/Carpenters

The deluxe hardcopy release of "L'Incident" will feature ten additional bonus tracks but for now this is all a mute point. Our manufacturer is closed my mayoral decree in Nashville and our digital distribution hub/launch site is reinventing itself in the face of new industry norms of streaming-based music consumption, or as I like to call it, "dying pains".

Please stay tuned for further word on its hopeful release.

Now, let the licensing nightmare begin!

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