While Bowling Green may be known for spawning the "worst comedian ever" as seen on Tosh.0 last year, its latest viral video which garnered 431,478  views in three months, features personable talent Patrick Goble of The Guitar Academy and his student Donovan Kirkpatrick performing "Lady Gaga, Kentucky Style”.  The duo recently shared their talent on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. 

The original video caught the attention of Tonight show producers who invited the two to appear with Jay Leno as part of the Meal or No Meal segment on March 16, 2011.   The appearance attests to Goble’s musical talent as well as his sense of humor.

When asked to introduce himself by Leno, Goble told the host he was a music teacher from Bowling Green, Kentucky, adding "I'll educate you from rock to Bach, Jay".    

After beginning his song, his student, Donovan Kirkpatrick, seated behind him, stood and joined to provide the extra hands for the "four handed method".  When asked to introduce Donvan after the performance, Goble referred to him as his "student and best friend" prompting Leno to quip "Students and best friends, in any state but Kentucky that will get you in jail".

The judges, who all three voted to award the duo a meal, continued this line of commentary: Rove McManus remarked "For the record I think you should be able to marry";  Rickey Minor  exclaimed "It may be a bad romance but it's a great performance, I say meal!" and Ross Mathews proclaimed, "Just when I thought we didn't have anything in common you started singing Gaga with your man friend and it's like looking in a mirror."

Patrick Goble is a multi-instrumentalist, playing banjo, bass, didgeridoo, drums, flute, guitar, organ, ukulele, and violin.  According to his MySpace profile, "He has written and recorded over two hundred songs ranging in style from World, Electronica, Hip-Hop, to Neoclassical Metal".

According to Donovan Kirkpatrick the two began partnering on the four handed guitar style in early December.  Kirkpatrick has been playing guitar for a decade and a student of Goble for a little over a year now.  He also plays drums, bass and sings.

Donovan Kirkpatick said of the Hollywood experience, "The most memorable thing for me was driving down Sunset and Hollywood Blvd at eleven o clock at night and just being in awe of all the lights and endless amounts of people and stores. It was absolutely incredible. I will also never forget how close of friends Patrick and I became through this trip. This truly was an experience that most people will never get the chance to have. I thank God for the opportunity and give Him thanks for the talent he has blessed Patrick and I with."

Video: Lady Gaga. Bad Romance. Four-handed guitar

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