Local Jeremi Duran releases "This Is Hope, I Suppose," produced by Brad Shultz

Bowling Green’s Jeremi Duran has released the single, “This Is Hope, I Suppose” produced by Brad Shultz, guitarist from local two-time GRAMMY award winning rock band Cage The Elephant.

The teaser claymation clip — a Nicholas Clark (@minnowland) directed work— for the soon to be official music video “This Is Hope, I Suppose,” is live on YouTube at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CXFucghLOc8. Duran is asking fans to send their clips of them dancing to jerrmiduranmusic@gmail.com by Sunday, April 12.

For the release, Duran talks to fans in a live Instagram session and sings unreleased songs from the anticipated EP. This includes “A Beautiful Disaster,” with lyrics ode to friend, the late Tiger Merritt, astounding musician from Morning Teleportation.

“Don’t Take It So Seriously,” is an earlier 2020 release, available on streaming services. Jeremi Duran’s Spotify artist page is https://open.spotify.com/artist/0Bcnsiwks1l2ZfFRKsRsKH?si=kQ0oREeLTfSoRQaUIUzxUg.

For more updates, follow this artist on Instagram and Facebook at @jeremiduranmusic.

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