Through the semester, Revolution 91.7 staff deejays Sarah Schulte and Mitchell Manuel learn from local, regional and nationally known guests that mostly call South Central Kentucky home on the longtime running specialty show, Local Shots. Before performing at a local venue, Towne discusses the music industry in Nashville and growing pains in writing.

“I never really thought that I was going to write music with other people. I just kind of thought--it wasn’t really a thing for me,” vocalist Stevie Steeves said. “Even when I moved to Nashville, I didn’t realize that you had to get into a room with a stranger and ya know, pour your heart out, and hopefully come out with a song,”

“A golden nugget,” vocalist Jon Decious intercepted.

“Yeah, a perfect song in under three minutes. It honestly wasn’t never my thing. I was really happy to have met Jon because it was his thing. He could do it. He could go meet a stranger, write a song with them, nothin’”

Steeves and Decious said they’ve been inspired by the results of bad decisions.

“I created chaos in my life just so I could write music,” Steeves said. “I’ve done it. Honestly, being with the wrong people, or-- I don’t know.”

In the interview, Schulte and Manuel, both young self-employed musicians, related to the trio.

“I think that artists tend to like to go towards the more dramatic feelings in life,” Schulte said. Decious finished saying the decision is not conscious.

“I say this on stage sometimes: the worst decisions make for the best stories.”

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