When it came time to name their band, “we were all coming up with ridiculous ideas,” said Eric Shively, vocalist and bassist for Louisiana Swamp Donky. “And I’m the least creative out of the bunch.”

He was fishing with his wife, Jennifer, when they saw some animals wander through the marsh.

“And then that’s when I said, ‘Nah baby, that is a swamp donkey,’ ” Shively recalled, laughing.

“The best part about our name is the abbreviation is LSD,” Shively said. “Silly thing is, we never thought we'd do work with people with Grammys, and it also plays to our favor because people come and see us who have never heard of us before, but the name strikes their curiosity.”

The band, also consisting of Greg McHam, Keith Godfrey, Kevin Davis and his older brother, Leif, released a debut album called "Redneck Revival" with the Kentucky HeadHunters’ Richard Young as producer and will perform at 1 p.m. Oct. 13 during the Vette City Motorcycle Music Fest on Oct. 12-13 at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

"The way I see it right now, Southern rock is making its comeback," Shively said. "We basically turned everything around in our work and put it in that perspective.”

The twists the quintet are pulling are a conscious decision to stand apart. Blue collar to the core, their music is a collection of real-life experiences. The debut LP consists of eight songs, including one titled “Kentucky.” The work shows influences of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws and The Black Crowes. On the album, the final track, "It Goes On," is the band's overall favorite, according to Shively.

“It’s something we all relate to," he said. "You can see it in our faces when we play different venues. The song makes you appreciate the things you have."

The song could be deemed a ballad about pain, loss, memories and sorrows.

“It’s not one to get us rocking or stomping our feet as hard," Shively said. "It brings tears. The song takes you back to the things that you lost, basically. At the end of the day, it shows you what is happening in the world and we’re really hopeful for more right than wrong. “

At the Vette City Motorcycle Music Fest at the NCM, Shively said he is excited to see the collection of legendary vehicles.

“We just want to ride in one,” Shively said. 

Gretchen Wilson is the Friday headliner, with Bret Michaels capping Saturday's performances. Lita Ford, Foghat, the Kentucky HeadHunters, Foghat, the Georgia Satellites, David Lee Murphy, Pat Travers, Devon Allman Project with Duane Betts, Big Smo, Smith & Wesley, Geneva, and Otis also on the lineup. 

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