The band Otis will perform at the Vette City Motorcycle Music Fest at noon Oct. 13.

“It was such a dream come true. People over there in Europe love, love music,” guitarist Steve Jewell of the band Otis recently said of the band’s European tour. “It’s a completely different market and area from what we’re used to. People over in Europe, they hang on to every guitar lick, every guitar line. We can’t wait to go back and play for everybody again.”

The four-piece band – vocalist Boone Frogget, bassist John Seeley, drummer Andrew Gilpin and of course, Jewell – will explore the National Corvette Museum again, but this time for food, music and games at the inaugural Vette City Motorcycle Music Fest as a performing artist.

“It’s going to be a homecoming,” Jewell said.

Otis is scheduled to perform at noon Oct. 13 – the second day of the groundbreaking event for Bowling Green at the National Corvette Museum.

“We played there for an event actually years ago and we’re friends with various people on the lineup: Foghat, Pat Travers, Kentucky HeadHunters,” Jewell said. “We love the beautiful place a lot. It’s a great main attraction for southcentral Kentucky.”

Another advantage of touring is local adventure, he said.

“Finding antique shops or obscure records we can get turned on to,” Jewell said. “We are always looking for good food to eat. We actually love to eat. Music and food – It’s something about food and music that goes hand in hand.”

Besides the music, Vette City Motorcycle Music Fest will feature blowout biker games, burnout contests, dyno drags, a globe of death, beer garden, custom bike show, custom car and truck show, kids zone, food and merchandise vendors and more.

Otis has earned accolades from Paul Nelson, a Grammy-award winning artist who produced Johnny Winter’s “Step Back.”

“If ever there were a band to fill the new top spot in the ‘Jam, Blues, Rock’ scene and the void left by loss of groups like Allman Brothers ... Otis is that band,” Nelson said. Nelson produced Otis’ new release, “Eyes Of The Sun.”

Jewell said they are blessed to be with Cleopatra Records, a label with a notable artist roster including Jimmy Page, Cactus, B.B. King, Howlin’ Wolf and Quiet Riot.

“From the very beginning, Greg Martin (The Kentucky HeadHunters) took us under his wing,” Jewell said. “He can turn a good song into a very great one. He tells us you can never go wrong doing the right thing in the not-so-honest industry.”

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