Thomas Theodore Welborn releases 9th solo album, 'Walking on the Edge of Eternity'

The ninth solo album by Thomas Theodore Welborn, titled, 'Walking on the Edge of Eternity' was released on Aug. 8th, 2020 via RouteNotes music distribution service to iTunes, Spotify and most digital music retailers and streaming services.

This album features a new classical suite titled Sacred Lands, as well as other new original pieces, all composed, performed, produced and recorded by TTW at his home studio near Auburn, Ky.

Inspired by the beauty, history, and drama of this great land, TTW's music represents what these days, of this time, and its struggles, are most pressing upon his heart.

To TTW, all is Sacred, and only becomes Profane when desecrated by the foolishness or greed and evil of men.

All the Earth shares in the Grace of God, if we all could just glimpse it, and claim it as ours.

That gift comes with responsibility and duty, to steward the Earth and care for every sentient being as one family under God. Needless war, and the military-industrial-corporate complex is anathema to this existence, and could lead to the end of life as we know it for our grandchildren to come, if this disastrous unsustainable course is not changed, and soon. These thoughts are what compels TTW to write, and share his works with those to come. His greatest desire is that they may have an impact on that future, to the Good.

To listen to the new album (for free) on Spotify at:

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