Bowing Green's dreamrock band Wet Eyed Liars is set to perform new music from their sophomore album "Conversations We Never Had," live and in-person for the first time since release on the outside stage for Live On The Lot 5:10 p.m., Saturday at Tidball's Sounds and Spirits.

Masks and temp check is required upon entry.

"Pretend," is highly anticipated for the performance having it as a hit acoustic single during the venue's Femme Night, a streaming episode of "Tidball's Inside Out," spearheaded by Yellowberri with host co-owner Brian Jarvis.

"I heard Melissa (Riddle) play it on acoustic for a long time before we recorded it. It's haunting," drummer and husband Josh Riddle said.

All tracks except "Keep This One From Me," were recorded, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by John Constable and Wet Eyed Liars at Thunder Sound Studios in Franklin from November 2019 to January 2020.

"Keep This One From Me" was recorded and mixed live at Nightmare House in Bowling Green in June by Jared McKinney. "Conversations We Never Had," thanks the Bowling Green community and supporters and is in memory of Billy Swayze, Jeremy Pryor and Tiger Merritt.

Links to advance tickets, full schedule and COVID-19 safe information for Live On The Lot can be accessed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at [@tidballs].

Revisit "Drowning In Dreams," from October 2019 with the associated video.

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