Kentucky artists who wish to be considered for inclusion in the Kentucky Arts Council’s Teaching Artists Directory must apply by April 13.

The Teaching Artists Directory is an online roster of Kentucky artists who have produced high-quality work and have the skills and competencies needed to collaborate with teachers to design and implement arts residencies in Kentucky schools.

“This directory is an important component of our Teaching Art Together program, as it provides classroom teachers with a well-vetted resource list of talented teaching arts specialists, selected for the Kentucky Arts Council’s directory by a panel of fellow artists and arts education professionals,” said Lydia Bailey Brown, arts council executive director. “These teaching artists are ready to be paired with teachers throughout the Commonwealth for short-term arts residencies, which increase school resources and provide for increased student learning and dramatically engaged students.”

Longtime Teaching Artists Directory member Judy Sizemore said there are several benefits to being chosen for the directory.

“The biggest value is the networking with other artists, with the staff at the arts council, with teachers and the arts education community as a whole,” said Sizemore, who has been in the directory for nearly 30 years. “When you are approved for the directory, you become part of a larger family of artists committed to taking their art form into schools and sharing it with kids. You also join the family of teachers in the schools who are committed to providing arts experiences for their students.”

For more information or to apply, visit the Teaching Artists Directory page of the arts council website, or contact Jean St. John, arts council education director, at or 502-892-3124.

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