In her first year as a Kentucky Crafted Program artist, ceramicist Michelle Strader of Catlettsburg has seen the opening of “new opportunities and possibilities.”

The program provides assistance to Kentucky artists, like Strader, through marketing and promotional opportunities, and arts business training. Applications for Kentucky Crafted, the Kentucky Arts Council’s adjudicated marketing assistance program for the state’s finest visual and craft artists, are open through Aug. 15.

As a Kentucky Crafted artist, Strader was eligible to exhibit and sell her work at Kentucky Crafted: The Market in March.

“I think Kentucky Crafted has provided us some new opportunities,” Strader said. “We’ve made some wholesale connections, and that’s instrumental to the growth of our business. It’s also garnered us some exposure. We had a local PBS affiliate connect with us after meeting us at The Market, with ideas to film our work.”

“We’ve seen a lot of interest from Kentucky artists about how to grow and develop the business side of their creative efforts,” said Lori Meadows, arts council executive director. “Kentucky Crafted is an ideal way for those artists to open up a new market to wholesale buyers and work on their entrepreneurial skills. Carrying the Kentucky Crafted brand puts them among the best visual and craft artists in the state.”

Artists accepted into the Kentucky Crafted Program are eligible to:

  • Use the Kentucky Crafted logo.
  • Exhibit at Kentucky Crafted: The Market.
  • Be included in the arts council’s online directory for artists.
  • Sell work at the Governor’s Derby Celebration.
  • Take advantage of cooperative advertising opportunities.

For more information about the program, contact David Blevins, arts council arts marketing director, at or 502-564-3757 ext. 473.

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