Applications are available online for artists interested in participating in the Kentucky Arts Council’s Performing Artists Directory, a marketing assistance program that supports Kentucky performers of music, dance, theater and storytelling.

The Performing Artists Directory is an adjudicated online roster of performing artists used by in-state and out-of-state presenters and others as a resource for identifying artists for performance bookings and projects. The deadline to apply is Feb. 15.

The arts council endeavors to promote, showcase and provide professional development opportunities to a diverse selection of Kentucky's finest contemporary and traditional performing artists through the Performing Artists Directory. There are currently more than 80 individual artists and groups listed in the directory.

Eastern Kentucky native Carla Gover, who is represented in the directory as a solo artist and as part of the trio Zoe Speaks, said being juried into the directory elevated her professional status.

“It gives you a validation and also gives the people who book performances a certain faith that they’re going to get a quality act because it’s got the Kentucky Arts Council’s stamp of approval on it,” she said.

The Lexington-based singer/songwriter, who has been a professional musician for about 25 years, said the application process forced her to do the things that performers ought to be doing anyway.

“It’s a process of getting materials together to apply. It’s a good exercise in professional preparation – making a press kit, coming up with promotional materials, writing a bio, preparing audio recordings,” Gover said. “Those are automatically the steps you need to be taking as a professional artist anyway. Applying for the Performing Artists Directory helps get your act together.”

Applicants are adjudicated by a panel of independent industry professionals. Applications are assessed based on artistic excellence, performance experience and marketing capacity.

To assist in the application process, the arts council will host webinars 2 p.m., Jan. 10 and 5 p.m., Jan. 30, Eastern time, to discuss the application process and answer questions from prospective applicants. Interested parties, or those who have questions or need more information, should contact Tamara Coffey, individual artist director, at 502-892-3121 or

For more information or to apply, visit the arts council’s Performing Artists Directory page.

The Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency, fosters environments for Kentuckians to value, participate in and benefit from the arts. Kentucky Arts Council funding is provided by the Kentucky General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts. The arts council is celebrating 50 years of service in 2016.

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