The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall will be available for viewing at the Cave City Convention Center August 31 - September 4, 2017. The 3/5 replica wall is approximately 350 feet long with over 50,000 names of fallen heroes from the Vietnam Conflict. In addition to the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall, the Historic Military Impressions Museum will showcase a hands-on exhibit on the Vietnam War, and the Creative Quilt Guild will display approximately 20 Quilts of Valor in the Cave City Convention Center lobby. Vietnam combat causalities from Allen, Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Metcalf, Monroe, Simpson, and Warren will also be honored in a special exhibit and at the closing ceremony 7pm, September 4.

“The Cave City Tourist & Convention Commission is sponsoring this project to give back to the community and to honor our military veterans. It is time for us to say, “Thank You” to our Vietnam Veterans”, says Sharon Tabor, Executive Director of the Cave City Tourist & Convention Commission.

The event requires many volunteers to assist with the event, especially for the locator booth where visitors can find the panel where a name is engraved. This requires a minimum of two volunteers, age 18 or older, between the hours of 9am-9pm August 31- September 4. Working 2-4 hours shifts will require 30-60 individuals to assist over the five-day period. Volunteer training will be provided.

The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall also requires volunteer counselors who are willing to listen to people tell their stories as they are impacted by the exhibit. Counselors should have professional or ministerial training.

If interested in volunteering 2-4 hours of time for the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall, contact Glenda Butts or Thomas Horner at or 270-678-3356 before August 28.

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