Tomorrow breaks for Abby Shipley's "GOD WITH ME" [Farm-Out! Records release № 30]...Right on the heels of her debut single (Fear Is Done - 11/2017), this six song EP marks the second release by its singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist engineered/co-produced by Kristen Siddens at Scottsville Conservatory Studio B for Farm-Out! Records.

GOD WITH ME is Abby Shipley's first EP. The six songs herein are all original compositions showcasing the artist's growing comfort in transitioning from live stage performance to the controlled environment of the recording studio's creative possibilities.

GOD WITH ME was co-produced and engineered by Kristen Siddens at Scottsville Conservatory "Studio B" for Farm-Out! Records 10/2017 - 2/2018 and marks the 30th formal release by pioneering micro-indie label.

"Did You Hear What I Called Him?"

  • Abby Shipley - Voice/Guitar/Mandolin/Keys
  • Kristen Siddens - Drums/Ukulele/Bass

"It's All Right"

  • Abby Shipley - Voice/Guitar/Keys
  • Kristen Siddens - Drums/Bass/Guitar

"God With Me"

  • Abby Shipley - Voice/Guitar/Keys/Bass
  • Kristen Siddens - Drums/Ukulele

"Let Me Cry"

  • Abby Shipley - Voice/Guitar/Keys/Mandolin/Bass
  • Kenzie Crowe - Cello
  • Johnny Thompson - Mandolin/Violin
  • Kristen Siddens - Drums

"When The Rain Came"

  • Abby Shipley - Voice/Guitars/Keys
  • Kristen Siddens - Drums/Bass/Keys
  • Johnny Thompson - Guitar Solo

"Fear Is Done - Live Acoustic Deluxe Edition Studio B"

  • Abby Shipley - Voice/Guitar
  • Kristen Siddens - Cajon

GOD WITH ME is now available for download on iTunes/Amazon/CDBaby and all other major online outlets. Physical copies (CDs) available exclusively at Mellow Matt's Music & More in BG, Scottsville Conservatory, and at Abby Shipley concert performances.

Cover photo art by Abby Shipley

To learn more, please visit Abby Shipley Music on Facebook.

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