Legendary regional underground band reunites to begin archival recordings of previously unreleased 30-year-old music.

"We All Wonder" EP [Farm-Out! Records release № 28] by The Park Avenue Dregs is now available for download on iTunes/Amazon/CDBaby and all other major online outlets. Download cards available at various release events in coming weeks. For sneak previews, tour, images, and all-things-Park-Avenue-Dregs, please visit facebook@ParkAvenueDregs

In the summer of 2017, regional underground legends, The Park Avenue Dregs, suspended plans for an extremely rare live performance in favor of recording the remainder of twenty or so previously unrecorded/unreleased works from its catalog.

With the core members of the power trio living in Chicago IL, Louisville KY, and Scottsville KY respectively, any collaboration presented challenges of both distance and time.

After much debate and weighing of options for the recording project, it was decided that the first chapter anyway would begin in Louisville KY with old friend and fellow musician Donnie Bott at the engineering helm at Goldsmith Studios.

During an extended weekend in July, after studying live footage from the 2014 reunion concert at Zanzabar in Louisville and suffering 5 deciseconds lag of facetime rehearsals, the band convened and recorded the first four songs in a single day (Sunday July 23) with some production overdubs the following day in Bott's home studio.

Due to uncertainty of album's completion, the four songs from this session were sanctioned for release as a digital EP to bookmark the historic event and serve notice that the once much ballyhooed and notorious Bowling Green band still had it.

The music featured on this EP is nearly 30 years old...a surreal experience for the band to dig this far back in the vault to breathe some new life into something so far in the pas, while maintaining its original live performance energy. [Fun Fact: Most of, if not all four songs were performed at this incarnation's debut at Night Class at Western Kentucky University in March of 1988...Several great lo-fi recordings off soundboards exist, but until now, no formal studio recordings exist.]

All songs were recorded live (drums, bass, guitar) in surprisingly little takes...vocals and guitar solos were overdubs.

The Park Avenue Dregs are...

  • Johnny Thompson (Voice/Guitar/Keys)
  • Keith Heric (Bass/Vocals)
  • Pete Lentz (Drums/Keys)


  • 1. We All Wonder (1988)
  • 2. Log Cabin Woman (1987)
  • 3. I Got Caught (1988)
  • 4. Sex, Drugs, & Country (1987)

Selections from WE ALL WONDER made their FM Radio debut on Monday September 11 2017 on WDNS D-93 FM's "Afternoon Rock Show with Tommy Starr" in Bowling Green KY.

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