Author Ken Blanton announces the nationwide releases of the hardback editions of two of his new children’s books in the next two weeks. “The Adventures of Glibb Redundant: New Friends From the Big City” will be out in the market this week while “The Adventures of Glibb Redundant: The Shortcut” will be available for book lovers next week.

In “The Adventures of Glibb Redundant: New Friends From the Big City,” Glibb goes on a fishing adventure with his new friends from the city. Together, they play in the water and find some interesting things, such as a snake that Glibb’s friend, Joe, isn’t too happy about. Find out what else they have caught during their adventure.

In “The Adventures of Glibb Redundant: The Shortcut,” 8-year-old Glibb tries to remember his mother's orders while embarking on an unfortunate — and very muddy — journey to school. He soon learns that when he strays from his parents' instructions, the outcome can be disastrous. Join Glibb as he learns the wisdom of obedience and discipline.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Blanton was born in Columbus, Ohio, and spent a large part of his life in Florida. He currently resides in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he enjoys writing children’s books, painting, wood carving, collecting antiques, engaging in collectible automobile restoration, and working in his garden. He has lived in many places all over the country, and now calls a small farm in Kentucky his home.

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