'Cheated, Stolen' by Johnetta Pryor

On November 21, 2014, Johnetta Pryor faced the most agonizing experience a mother can have, the loss of her child, Jeremy. In "Cheated, Stolen" Johnetta takes us from the birth of her son, through his death from a drunk driver and the following trial. In writing this book, Johnetta Pryor hopes to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving and also to help change the laws that let so many of them avoid the consequences of their actions. Please Don't Drink and Drive

“It’s a True Story and it's My Story of losing a son to a underage drunk driver going 90 miles a hour in a 35 mile an hour speed zone - twice over the legal limit. The driver cheated Jeremy Pryor, my son, brother to Joey Pryor and friend to so many out of his life in a split second. This was not a accident this was murder and a murder that could have been prevented. All the underage drunk could say once he was told he killed someone was "What's this mean for me?" - Johnetta Pryor

Cover Design by Wren Taylor Cover Designs, Artist Mandi Verey. Back Cover by Maxwell Imagery

“Cheated, Stolen” can purchased on Amazon for $24.95 plus tax or directly from the author $20.00. Contact Johnetta at johnettaspub2012@hotmail.com or 270-252-4901.

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