Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship

According to Paula L. Ratliff her new book, Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship is a book that could save your life.  

She says that "Crime has entered the places that were once considered sacred. Mass shootings, assaults, sex crimes, embezzlements, burglary, robbery and other crimes are becoming common in places of worship."

Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship provides crime accounts that have occurred in places of worship and includes recommendations to prevent these acts from occurring in your facility.  It also incorporates crisis management guidelines and security ministry recommendations focusing on a balanced approach.

The book is the result of many years of research, condensed into 245 pages.  It is a go-to guide for clergy, law enforcement and security officials, while being an easy read for the person interested in criminal behavior or true crime.  

Copies are available at and

Crime Prevention for Houses of Worship is published by the American Society of Industrial Security, 2015.

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