Sunset of Dreams is a fast-paced story about a book, with that same title, that drives its readers into madness. Once people start reading, they are hooked and pulled into a murdering and suicidal trance. Only one man sees the connections between the book and the crime wave, and the police do not believe him.

Russellville, KY author, Douglas Daech's novel is a psychological thriller that reaches into the paranormal. Our hero is a private investigator, struggling with the guilt of a divorce from a marriage that he could have saved. Now, with the crime wave hitting the city, he is not able to protect his family. When he unravels the common thread through all the bloody cases, he can hardly believe the facts.

It is not a gang or super villain behind the crime spree. It is the book he is reading!

Five years ago author Douglas Daech released his first e-book, Time Travel and Dimensional journeys. Since 2012 he has released three other books with a total download count to readers into the thousands.

This year, Sunset of Dreams will debut as both a digital book, as well as a paperback. On-demand printing now allows independent authors to deliver traditional books at reasonable prices, while still making a digital version available for the more modern reader. You can learn more about Sunset of Dreams at the author’s website

Besides writing, Daech also works in Bowling Green at the Evine call center. He has lived in the area since 2002 and has attended both the Bowling Green Technical College and WKU, where he won an award in the 2007 Frank and Cellia Conley writing competition. Daech is also a member of the Clarksville Writers Meet-up. He lives in Russellville, KY with his wife and son.

Sunset of Dreams is available for preorder for Kindle at ( ) The paperback and the ebook will release on May 1st. The ebook will automatically download to your device on release day if you order today.

Daech’s other four books range from science fiction to paranormal romance. His distinct writing style offers a detailed visual reading experience with believable characters and exciting stories. Whether you are reading about a haunted romance or industrial espionage, as in Warp Drive, Patent Pending, the books will keep you turning the pages.

His work is available at all major online book retailers.

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