Douglas W. Daech releases vampire novel,  'Finding Kray'

Halloween will be a little more frightening than usual with the release of Douglas Daech’s new vampire novel, Finding Kray. “I tried to put evil back into the vampires,” Daech explains. “Many recent vampire stories have made the demons into friends and neighbors.

That’s not how I think of them.” Daech remembers the black and white horror movies he watched as a child. “I would watch them with my eyes closed, I was so afraid!” Those days are back, with true parasites in human form, feeding on the unsuspecting people of the city.

In Finding Kray, a modern-day vampire hunter stalks his prey in search of the clan master’s lair. “He’s kind of new at vampire hunting, and learns from his mistakes,” Daech says. “The main character is fooled into thinking he has got natural vampire hunting skills, but he’s just lucky at first.” The hunter searches for the clan driving a 1968 GTO muscle car that seems to have a mind of its own. The car offers him comments and support through the selection of rock music it plays on the radio. The hunter’s friend, a fortune telling gypsy cab driver, also offers insight into his risky adventure. When his girlfriend and her family become targets, it is an all or nothing blood battle to survive.

In 2012 Douglas Daech released his first e-book, Time Travel and Dimensional Journeys at an online publisher called

This collection of short stories has downloaded to thousands of readers. With an outlet for his writing, two other books premiered at Smashwords. Haunted Romance, and Seedy Hills, an odd little town, released in the following years. All three books are available to readers anywhere in the world. “It’s really exciting to see your book advertised on a website in a different language.” Daech comments.

In 2016 Sunset of Dreams released as both a digital book and a paperback at On-demand printing allowed him to offer a traditional book at a reasonable price, while still making a digital version available for the more modern reader. In this SplatterPunk novel, an unknown catalyst is creating a bloody crime wave across the city. Only one man sees the connection between the murders, and it is too crazy to believe.

Strings Attached was released earlier this year. It is a fun loving, romantic comedy playing with the idea that sometimes true love is right in front of you, but you never see it. You can learn more about Sunset of Dreams, and Strings Attached at the author’s website,

Besides writing, Daech also works in Bowling Green at the Evine call center. He has lived in the area since 2002 and has attended both the Bowling Green Technical College and WKU, where he won an award in the 2007 Frank and Cellia Conley writing competition. Mr. Daech is also a member of the Clarksville Writers Meet-up. Author, Douglas Daech lives in Russellville, KY with his wife, Julie, and son, Dallas, who is looking forward to Halloween. And, don’t forget to put a little fright back into your Halloween this year by ordering a copy of Finding Kray, at

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