Miracle on College Street Mile Run and Walk

My 3:59 partners with Life’s Better Together for the first annual Miracle 3:59 during the Miracle on College Street Mile Run and Walk presented by ServPro on December 7, 2019.

A race for athletes of all abilities, Miracle 3:59 is a 359 yard or 1/4 mile race specifically designed for those with mental and/or physical disabilities. The goal of the race is not who places first, but instead to celebrate self pride, authentic accomplishment and have a fun, safe athletic experience for all ages.

"We really wanted to create an opportunity for the athletes and their families to experience an incredible finish line. Beyond this though we wanted them to experience setting a goal and working towards it. For some, it will be a physical challenge to cover the 359 yards. For others, it will be more of a symbolic victory or gratitude lap - the turning of a page and the beginning of a new chapter of their life focused on what they can do and not what they can not do," Dan Klein, owner and creator of the My 3:59 movement.

Derived from determination, vision, and purpose, Klein began the My 3:59 movement in 2015 just after his 42nd birthday and following his final cancer treatment. The message My 3:59 embodies is living every day and giving everything you have to achieve your impossible in order to become the person we are called to be.

Klein continues to inspire and motivate others to achieve their own My 3:59 as a keynote speaker and through events such as the Miracle 3:59.

Miracle 3:59 is the official kickoff to the Bowling Green Christmas Parade. It is a free event starting at 9:20 a.m. C.S.T. on State Street near Lawton Insurance, downtown. Donations are being accepted during the online registration as well as at race-packet-pickup. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Life’s Better Together.

To register for Miracle 3:59, visit http://lifesbettertogether.org/.

ABOUT My 3:59

Author & Speaker Dan Klein began the My 3:59 movement with the dunk of a basketball. It was just after his 42nd birthday but much more meaningful than his age was that it occurred seven months after his final cancer treatment. “After going through everything cancer puts you through—physically, emotionally, psychologically, & spiritually—I came away with a different perspective on life. A very different perspective on what I can and what I can’t do.” Dan uses cancer as a proxy for any and all of the challenges we face in life. The story of his journey, and his message of determination, vision, and purpose resonates with a wide variety of people. Dan is a sought-after keynote speaker and works with corporate leadership and sales teams. He has spoken at a wide variety of venues, ranging from national conferences, sales conferences, religious retreats, and even small country churches. Dan’s message of living every day and giving everything you have to achieve your impossible in order to become the person we are called to be continues to inspire and motivate others to achieve their own My 3:59.

ABOUT Life’s Better Together

As a local 501(c)3, Life’s Better Together’s goal is to provide direct financial assistance and support to families with a child or parent battling an ongoing illness. The financial support can include direct payments for mortgage, rent, food, gas, utilities or any other expense deemed necessary by the family. The organization is focused on helping with costs not covered by medical insurance. In addition to direct funds- they also have a group of dedicated volunteers that provide services such as babysitting, pet sitting, lawn care, housecleaning, and handyman services. They believe that by taking away some of life's immediate challenges it will allow the family to focus on what is most important- the health and recovery of their loved one.

Register today at http://lifesbettertogether.org/miracle-359-mile-a-race-for-all-abilities/

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