Production has begun on the filming of a pilot episode of a reality TV show based on the daily happenings of The Kentucky Grand Hotel & Spa in Bowling Green.

“Local residents would be shocked if they knew who all stayed at that hotel, from rock stars and actors to politicians and famous businessmen,” said Sam Kirby, owner of Vid Monster Productions, which is doing the filming. “If those walls could talk, there would be a lot of amazing stories to tell. And we are going to start telling them.”

The show will follow the hotel’s staff as it prepares for guest arrivals, big events, as well as the daily grind of running a successful restaurant and bar.

“This will be a different experience for sure,” said hotel owner Dan Murph. “We are not used to having cameras following us around, and I’m sure that will take some getting used to.”

Murph said that his willingness to participate in the show was conditional upon his ability to use Kirby and his Vid Monster team to do the filming. “There is a comfort level there,” said Murph. “The quality of stuff they are putting out lately is top notch.”

The Kentucky Grand Hotel has made big waves in the national press since its opening in 2016. Elle Décor Magazine listed it among the top 26 most romantic hotels in the world. The Los Angeles Times called it “beautiful and elegant,” while Forbes Magazine wrote that “it’s easy to spot the stars if you hang out by the hotel long enough.”

Kirby said he is excited about the national attention that this show could bring not only to the hotel, but also to Bowling Green. He and his team partnered with NBC Sports last year to produce 5 episodes of a show called Grudge Race, to air this fall. “We are excited to do everything we can to put Bowling Green in the spotlight and attract people to our great city.”

The hotel is also home to The Derby Piano & Dessert Bar, was well as the recently opened Bluegrass Restaurant.

More details about the show and its distribution will be released at a later date.

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Chris Hayden

I hope this photo is reversed like sometimes happens in Facebook. The flag of the United States of America should always be on its right. As the person views it afar it should appear on the left.

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