Jared Kunish

Tweet from @WKUFilm depicting and quoting filmmaker Jared Kunish.

Filmmaker Jared Kunish of Ocular Odyssey Films recently had two films accepted for the Comedy and Alternative category of the 11th Annual Fault Line Film Festival. Kunish expects to graduate next year from WKU Film. In addition to narrative shorts, he specializes in music videos and recently served as Director of Photography on the BA thesis film “El Camino Hacia la Nada” directed by Javier Lopez and produced by Eric Vazquez. Both films submitted by the WKU Film student were shot pre-Covid. 

The first, "Hundred Short" is a crime-comedy short film concerning two roommates trying to come up with the rest of their rent.  It premiered September 12, 2020 and was written and directed by Kunish. 

The second selection written, directed, and produced by Jared Kunish is a short called "Wendy, Will You Go to the Dance with Me?" where according to its description "Hunter is about to ask Wendy to the school dance, but she's hiding a big secret from him...".  

Kunish's "Wendy, Will You Go to the Dance with Me?" has already been recognized in a number of ways, including:

  • Southern Oasis Film Festival Official Selection
  • Franklin International Indie Film Festival 2021 Official Selection
  • Southeastern International Film & Music Festival Semi-Finalist
  • Mountain Tales Film Festival Official Selection
  • First-Time Filmmaker Sessions Official Selection
  • Reel Love Film Festival Official Selection

View all the comedy/alternative selections from the Fault Line Film Festival here - https://youtu.be/PMDgMxGpRvk 

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