Barnes & Noble Celebrates Local Author Tonya L. Matthews Second novel released in the TREASURE series

Barnes & Noble will host local author Tonya L. Matthews on Saturday, August 21 from 2-4 p.m. to celebrate the release of her second novel. Author of TREASURE ATOP THE MOUNTAIN, and now ROXIE APPLESAUCE—second in the series—writes for the reader who enjoys real-life, easy-to-relate-to novels.

“When I read, I want to read something meaningful with a message. I like fiction that draws you in like it’s real—because it could be. I started writing what I like to read when several recommended books didn’t hit the mark. I want more than a story. I want to love and know the characters, feel their emotions, and celebrate triumphs with them. I already had Roxie Applesauce in the works when I released Treasure atop the Mountain. Readers’ responses encouraged me to continue writing. Now with the release of Roxie Applesauce, I have the third in the series underway. Meeting those who enjoy the books is the best part—each is an everyday person with their own story of overcoming difficult circumstances or holding on for that day. I’m blessed by who reads these books.”

Tonya grew up on a family farm in Riverside, Kentucky where her father recognized early on that hoeing tobacco and running hogs weren’t in her skill set. He opted to send her to Western Kentucky University, which resulted in a career with the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce for two decades. In 2018, Tonya chose family over career as their teen daughters became priority. Tonya has found writing to be therapeutic during tough seasons throughout her life.

“Writing provides me a healthy escape through a creative outlet. From our challenge to start our family and through the teen years and even now with an earlier-than-expected empty nest, I’ve written the novels with a message of hope that I needed.”

During this promotional event at Barnes & Noble, readers will meet the author and can purchase signed copies. “When we can make an on-site author event work, we love to host them. Many local authors’ books are available here at our store and on our website, Local authors are part of our community, and we hope our guests come here for them first,” said Bowling Green Barnes & Noble Store Manager David Hollifield.

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